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Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

6lack, COIN, and DJ Throttle perform at Bearstock 2018 [GALLERY]

6lack perfoms at Bearstock 2018.
6lack perfoms at Bearstock 2018.

Hawkins Arena, the 3,500 seat basketball court, was outfitted with carpeted mats and mammoth speakers. Students poured into the stadium awaiting the first concert of Bearstock since the day portion had been cancelled.

Because Bearstock coincides with Make it Mercer, there was no indoor space that the concert could have been moved to when the weather made it impossible.

DJ Throttle warmed up the crowd with a couple song mashups. When he began his setlist, the bass could be felt all the way to the top of the stands.

He was followed by Coin, a pop band from Nashville, Tennessee most famous for the 2016 hit single “Talk Too Much.” Their frontman, Chase Lawrence, brought a lot of energy to their performance, edging ever-closer to the crowd and climbing on top of things that perhaps shouldn’t have been climbed.

“I really enjoyed Coin.They were super sweet and agreed to take pictures with us even though they were tired,” Sophomore Elizabeth Daniels said.

Grammy-nominated songwriter and rapper, 6lack rounded out the night with songs from his album Free 6lack. After his first song, he took off his windbreaker and showed his Bearstock t-shirt underneath.

“QuadWorks is so happy to say Bearstock 2018 was a great time for everyone involved,” QuadWorks member Kimberly Gessner said. “Students loved the new mixed-genre show and our t-shirts were obviously a huge success... even 6lack was happy to wear one!”

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