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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

A ‘Thriller Night’ in downtown Macon

The annual Thriller Dance took place on Friday, Oct. 26, at Cherry Street Plaza. A crowd gathered to watch the ‘dead’ join the living for the seventh annual Thriller Dance, Zombie Parade and street party.
From 7-10 p.m., there was an array of displays and performances to commemorate Michael Jackson, his music, and the talents of the youth and teens of Macon, Georgia. Many citizens from the area gathered in a large crowd to watch children perform while ‘zombies’ roamed the plaza.
They were dressed in bloody, grimy clothing while muttering unintelligible phrases and walking with abnormal gaits.
The zombies took photographs before the parade, which can be seen on the website of The Telegraph: Middle Georgia’s news source.
Daniel Rantz, a senior at Mercer, participated in the parade as one of the zombies. He remarked that he really enjoyed participating in the parade and said, “[the event] was a hoot!”
Rantz dressed for the occasion with tattered, bloody clothing, deep, black circles around his eyes, and a crazed, blood-hungry gaze.
There were a considerable number of performances during the night, including a screaming contest, where young children competed for making the best and loudest scream. Adults and children of all ages were dressed in costumes.
The event showcased the talents of Macon’s youth. Some students from Central High School performed Michael Jackson classics, like “Who’s Loving You?” and Jackson Five classics, such as “I Want You Back.”
Students sang, danced, and played instruments to these songs. During intermissions between performances, the crowd listened to other Michael Jackson songs, such as “Beat It,” “Smooth Criminal,” and “Billie Jean.”
The majority of the crowd sang along and swayed to these familiar tunes. Some other students performed break dancing skits, which channeled Michael Jackson’s moves.
The main event was the Thriller Dance, where the youth paid homage to Michael Jackson’s iconic song and music video with their own routine that captured the essence of the classic.
According to The Telegraph, Monica Mohn, a former ballroom dancing champion in Minneapolis who has been teaching ‘Thriller’ classes, believes that “stomps are expected. The twitches? Crucial. ‘And you need the claws.’” The dance is just something that everyone cannot help but to enjoy.
Some of the parents in the crowd noted that they enjoyed the community getting together and the youth showing their talents while commemorating the life of Michael Jackson and one of his most famous songs, which is still relevant three decades after its creation.
According to The Telegraph, horror actor Vincent Price stated, “No mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller.” From the captivating tune and the intriguing dance routine, it is understandable how this classic has been passed on from generation to generation. The Macon community certainly came together to make it a “Thriller night.”


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