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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Bad democracy: the mob in the marketplace

The word ochlocracy comes from the Greek words okhlos (mob) and kratos (rule).
Ochlocracy is generally defined as “the bad version of democracy.”
Democracy is considered good because its rulers supposedly act wisely on behalf of the long-term interests of the community, whereas ochlocracy is associated with short-term emotional satisfaction.
Historical examples of ochlocracy are found whenever a group of people reach an emotional breaking point regarding a perceived injustice and lash out.
Examples of victims of this anger are witches (burned at the stake), blacks (lynched), and politicians (Arab Spring).
The reality is that there is no difference between democracy and ochlocracy. The government is people who make decisions.
These decisions are necessarily based on emotions, because these people are human. All human actions are based on emotion.
More specifically, all human actions are based on the desire to dispel anxiety by gaining control over the physical world. ‘Logic’ comes afterward, not before.
Reason is a retroactive excuse for what someone wants to do emotionally or biochemically. It is pointless to ask why anyone does anything.
The answer is always emotion. They felt like doing it at the time.
The people who become rulers in democracies are necessarily highly skilled actors. They must obtain votes.
The way to accomplish this task is to make the strongest emotional connection with the public.
There are more poor people than rich people, and so the candidate will make promises to help the poor people.
However, the rich people finance campaigns, so they will be promised benefits as well.
In this fashion, the candidate, while campaigning, must speak innumerable lies in order to satisfy as many people as possible.
Thus, democracy necessarily attracts the worst possible people into positions of power.
They will expand government with other people’s stolen money in order to maintain their popularity with as many people as possible.
The worst thing that these psychopaths do is go to war. Democracy is mob rule in which the leader of the mob has the emotional swings of a two-year-old, unlimited stolen money, and access to advanced military weaponry.
In the market, one thing is always true: the public is always WRONG. As the price of something increases, the public always becomes increasingly bullish.
People see the price rising, and want to get in on it. Eventually, the market reaches the stage of ‘euphoria’ or ‘new paradigm’ in which it is believed that nothing can stop the rise in price.
This point in time, in which the public feels the most optimistic about the future price, is actually the top of the market.
When everyone has already bought, there is nothing left to do but sell. The same is true at the opposite end of emotional cycle.
The public feels fear and despair when the price of a good collapses. But once everyone who wants to sell has sold, there is no one left except buyers. It is therefore the optimal time to buy.
The point is that, in democracy/ochlocracy, the public always takes the wrong action at the emotional extremes.
Euphoria leads to reckless spending. Fear leads to murder.
Democracy/ochlocracy is everyone’s dream and everyone’s nightmare. People get to act on their emotions without the consequences of personal responsibility (the dream).
In the market, acting on emotions leads to financial loss. But in a group, blame is passed to someone else: a scapegoat (the nightmare).
The blame is usually either a foreign race/culture or the wealthy. Sometimes it’s both, for example, Jewish people during WWII.
Humans fail to recognize what they are. They do not embrace the reality.
Humans are just like any other animals in the African savannah.
Humans survive by eating other animals. They instinctively protect themselves and their families from threats via fight-or-flight.
They have ever-changing emotions based on feelings of control. But the high level of human intelligence and ability to use language has been a double-edged sword for humanity.
These things allowed humanity to create the wonder known as the marketplace. The marketplace makes life easier for all humans as technology improves. The marketplace gives additional meaning and motivation to human life.
But the global marketplace has become so corrupted by coercive rulers that humans are still suffering much more than they realize.
They are controlled by the rulers of the mob. They don’t fight to survive and be free, they just obey.
They believe the State is something more than what it really is. The State is reified as an inhuman, logical entity when it is the greatest threat to humanity’s existence.
The State is mob rule on a global scale. Arabs are the new witches. Or the new Commies. Or the new Jews. The lineage of blame goes back to pre-history.
Do I suggest forcing anarcho-capitalism on the world? No, because the world is not ready.
The mob must reach an extreme point of despair and reject government in general, not just a particular government.


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