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Friday, Nov 26, 2021

Bear Grants Senate Updates

Student organizations representatives come to the SGA senate meeting. Photo by Jenna Eason.
Student organizations representatives come to the SGA senate meeting. Photo by Jenna Eason.

Bear Grants Senate is tonight: here are your real-time updates. [infographic align="right"][/infographic]

According to SGA President Harrison, the goal is to stretch the Bear Grant money as far as possible, in order to make the widest impact on Mercer's campus. The money for Bear Grants comes from the Student Activity Fee that is rolled into the tuition of every Mercer student.

Twenty-eight organizations were given the go-ahead at the beginning of Senate. Twenty-two have particular line items that senators are discussing tonight.

Please note: the numbers posted below are not all final, and will be updated throughout the night. These numbers are courtesy of SGA's Fiscal Affair Committee.

*Update as of 10/6/2015 at 5:00 p.m. : For those organizations that had funding amounts changed throughout the night, your numbers are not reflected here, because the Fiscal Affairs Committee has not yet updated their spreadsheet tracking these amounts. As soon as these official numbers are updated, these graphs will be updated as well. Senator Gonzalez said he aims to have those up by Thursday.

*Update as of 10/6/2015 at 8:00 p.m. : It has come to our attention that some of the numbers below are incorrect, due to a malfunction with the original Fiscal Affairs spreadsheet, which was not caught until late Tuesday. Senator Gonzalez has issued an apology, apologized, and clarifies the situation in the statement below:

"As the chair of the Fiscal Affairs Committee I would like to apologize for the above information given to the Cluster. The excel sheet that was given to them and included the full composite review of the BearGrants budget suffered some unaccounted changes and some values [were switched] between organizations. We have the record of the amount that is supposed to go towards each organization and we are working on making a new week report with the finalized values from yesterday's senate, which will be then given to the Cluster to post here. I apologize for any confusions this may have caused and please refer to me for any further questions or concerns." -Gabriel Gonzalez Fiscal Affairs Committee Chairman

The Cluster has just received access to those final, updated numbers and will be updating the graphs below to reflect the amount requested and the final amount received. We apologize for any confusion and would like to thank our readers for holding both SGA and the Cluster accountable.


Academic Organizations

[infographic align="center"][/infographic]


Honor Societies

[infographic align="center"][/infographic]


Media and Arts Organizations

[infographic align="center"][/infographic]


Multicultural Organizations

[infographic align="center"][/infographic]


Service Organizations

[infographic align="center"][/infographic]


Special Interest Organizations

[infographic align="center"][/infographic]


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