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Sunday, Oct 24, 2021

Colbert Report hilarious, satirical but informative for American youth

Stephen Colbert’s television show, the Colbert Report, has had the unintended consequence of educating myself and other young viewers about the intricacies of politics.
Stephen Colbert’s form of satire shines a spotlight on issues like the Citizen’s United case, showing the difference between a PAC and Super PAC and pointing out that each coming election is increasingly dominated and determined by money.
If we as citizens stop paying attention for just a moment you’ll find yourself living in a United States of America sponsored by (insert name of corporation here).
While Colbert is making fun of Republicans and Democrats he is alerting you to what they’re doing.
Are you aware that during Christmas the National Defense Authorization Act was passed with a section 1021 that can be and has been interpreted as allowing the military to hold people suspected of terrorism indefinitely without trial?
Remember how the constitution’s sixth amendment is supposed to guarantee the right to a fair and speedy trial by jury? Apparently there are some exceptions.
What about the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA for short. On the surface you might not think much about it but after reading it you’ll realize that this bill would make China blush.
It allows for censorship of the web by the government and by proxy private companies like the MPAA. The way this bill is worded can be interpreted that if someone posts a copyrighted song on YouTube then all of YouTube gets shutdown and the owner could be sued in court and that person could be charged with a felony.
This bill almost became law. So while comedians like Colbert and Jon Stewart are making comedy out of what the Congress and lobbyist’s do they are also showing you that as a citizen you need to be mindful and vigilant with what your elected representatives do with their time.
I used to think that politics was for grumpy old people but now it’s as much for the young because the laws that they pass will affect every part of your life and if you let them they’ll go from affecting your life to controlling it.

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