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Monday, Sep 27, 2021

Dear Congress, what have you done?

The talk of the town this summer, nay the down-right embarrassment of the United States, was by far the failure of our House, Senate and our President to resolve the overarching issue of the debt ceiling.

From my seat on E Street NW, Washington D.C., I sat ashamed that I called the nation’s capital home during this period of disagreement.

On many a night the issue of our country’s impending decline into default rattled around my brain, and my thought was how could the people the American public voted into office screw us over this badly? Not only that, but how could they be this childish, and what were they trying to prove?

Perhaps that they could go down in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not for the best played game of procrastination in our nation’s history?

It is common knowledge that Democrats and Republicans do not see eye to eye on political issues. The Republican majority in the Senate opposed any tax increases and advocated spending cuts. While the Democratic majority in the House favored tax increases along with spending cuts.

But what truly happened during those days spent in session?

I can almost hear senators debating: should we cap the debt ceiling or raise it? You know I don’t think I like Ron Paul’s proposed solution to the debt ceiling, as a matter of fact I do not like Ron Paul, let’s shut it down.

Who knows what happened during these “discussions,” but one thing is certain - our House and Senate did not seem to care much about the American people during this stressful time.

While many Americans were wondering if they were even going to be able to afford milk come August 2, it seemed as though our representatives were busier planning their upcoming vacations than making any headway in keeping the U.S. out of bankruptcy.

I remember clearly the excitement when during the week leading up to the deadline the House passed a bill. Then being filled with dread and disappointment as my Twitter informed me that the Senate did not pass it.

Thank God that the Budget Control Act of 2011 was passed and signed by President Obama on August 2. Think you could cut it any closer Congress?

The answer is clear. Our representatives fell down on the job. They let egos, pride and petty differences get in the way of matters of the utmost importance.

They let the American people down by refusing to budge even when the United States teetered on the edge of default.

How can we trust our senators and our House after this complete disgrace?

The answer is unclear, but one thing is certain - our Congress needs to take their egos down a few notches and realize that their disagreements and time-wasting almost caused the United States as we know it to collapse.

Pull your heads out of your asses and stop being childish. Do what is best for the people you represent and settle on a compromise.

As for the American people, why not start with voting out every single idiot in the House and Senate?


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