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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Facing the loss of a parent

What should you do when you lose a parent? Do you cry your eyes out? Do you act as if you are not affected and constantly lie to yourself? Should you live your life asking why they had to go and was it too soon?

I honestly believe that you should cry but don’t let it be all that you do. I believe that it is the child’s duty to embrace the lives of their parents.

When I say embrace, I don’t mean that one should act as they [the parents] did, make the same mistakes they made, or something of that nature.

Celebrate the memory of your parent(s) on their birthday or the anniversary of their death. Try to believe in your heart that they are at peace. What reason is there for one to feel bad about someone who is in a state of peace and happiness? Celebrate with them, in a sense of spirituality.

Though they are not here on in this plane of existence with you, that doesn’t mean they are not with you in spirit. Though it is cliché to say, life has too much to offer and your parent(s) would want you to live a fulfilled life. Why force yourself into suffering when there is no need for that? Find comfort in their memory and remember how they influenced your life.



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