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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

First date question answered, no one should pay

Can starting a new relationship be stressful?
An easier question would be what can make a new relationship stressful?
The stress can easily be caused by many factors, such as: who should initiate the first conversation, or when will it be too soon, or is it too late.
Another factor could be the first date.
On the first date, should we split the cost half and half, or should I pay in full?
These are just a couple of the many stressors, but right now I want to talk about the first date.
It is generous for one to offer to pay for the first date in full, but honestly what is the point?
Though I personally think that the first date should be split between both people, however there are other options.
Why must anyone have to pay on the first date?
To be honest, I believe it may be helpful for some of us to understand my reasoning if they thought of the situation with the mindset of a cynic.
Who is to say that the guy does not have an ulterior motive when he said he will pay for everything?
Who is to say that the girl won’t label you as being cheap for bringing up the idea of having her pay for half of the check?
It could happen.
But then again, this is just me being a cynic.
Truthfully, I believe that it would be way less stressful on both parties if the date took place in a park or something.
That way neither person will be forced to pay for the whole date. There will not be an akward discussion of having the split the bill. Plus you can interact in a less stressful environment and really get to know each other.
Doesn’t this seem like the better option?
Would it not be more beneficial for both the guy and girl to form some type of emotional bond, be it strong or weak?
I believe there should be some type of connection between the two of you before either of you  starts paying for anything.
But then again, I guess I am just a romantic.
I just never saw the point of using money, outside of traveling, on the first date. I think that the question of who should pay should not come up until later on in the relationship. The third or fourth date seems reasonable enough. Money and the idea of who has to shell it out just is too much of a hassle early on in the relationship.
Why not get to know each other first before spending money on each other.
But that is just the mind of a romantic speaking.

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