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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

Genghis Grill to come to North Macon

Dinner and a show will be provided by the new stir-fry restaurant opening in Macon where the healthy food will be cooked in an open kitchen for an audience to watch.

Genghis Grill is opening on March 23 on Bowman Road to add to the Macon environment, said William Conner, an owner of the restaurant and Mercer University graduate.

“We want to be integrated in the heart of the community, not just a restaurant in it,” Conner said.

The restaurant is partnering with the Cherry Blossom Festival and has created a cocktail drink for the festival called Thunder Cherry Blast.

Genghis Grill is partnering with Macon Mayhem, the hockey team, to have a meet and greet with the new head coach on April 22.

This will be the first time that the head coach is introduced to the public.

This Genghis Grill will be the first to have a full island bar in it with televisions that face in every direction of the restaurant for people to watch games while they eat, said Conner.

Customers will come in and be seated by a waiter. Then they will go and choose from 80 different ingredients and pass their choices to the grillmaster who cooks the food on a 12-foot circular grill in the open kitchen.

“You are the ultimate boss of what you want,” Conner said.

The grillmaster cooks the food with a 2.5-foot cooking stick and rings a gong when an order is ready.

The food will be brought out to the customers when it is finished, said Conner.

“I think that this will bring a new and exciting concept to Macon,” Conner said. “It’s a different change of pace from your average restaurant where you go and sit down and you order off a menu. This is a lot more interactive. It’s a lot more fun.”

Connor said that a customer will speak to every member of his staff throughout his or her eating experience because during one visit a customer will be welcomed by a host, served by a waiter, speak to staff members behind the buffet style bar about the food, and tell the grill master his preferences.

Ben Donaldson, the general manager of the restaurant, said that customers can choose from meats, vegetables, sauces, spices and starches when creating their meal.

The restaurant is good for catering to people with allergies, and the customer will be asked twice if he or she has allergies while he or she is choosing his or her foods.

If a customer does have allergies, his or her food will be separated and cooked to avoid any allergic reactions, Donaldson said.

“Everybody seems to be hyped up about it. People that have traveled [who] have eaten Genghis Grill are like, ‘Oh my God! Ya’ll are coming to Macon?’” Donaldson said.

Although Macon already has a stir-fry restaurant called Ginger’s, Donaldson said that Genghis Grill is different.

Genghis Grill has a set price for its food, with the only upcharge being the shrimp, while Ginger’s is pay by the pound, Donaldson said.

Priscila Contreras, a cashier at Ginger’s, said that she doesn’t believe that the new restaurant will affect their business much because “a lot of people have heard about Ginger’s, and they really like it, and people from downtown come over here… because people’s jobs are close by.”

Conner said that the hours at Genghis Grill will accommodate college students because of the late hours it stays open and its fun environment.

“You go to the others to have a meal. You come to Genghis Grill to have an experience,” Conner said.


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