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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

How Mercer Spring Broke

Debauchery. Sin. Buffets. Drinking. Partying. Crustaceans. Jellyfish. Sun. Sand. Wind. Ocean. Waves. Studying. Homework. Conferences. Interviews. Seafood. Practice. Games. Tournaments. Home. Family. Work. Fun. Relaxation. Rest. Sleep. Road Trips. Mountains. Canyons.
These are all words synonymous with Spring Break when it comes to Mercer students. This week-long time meant for relaxation, rest and overall preparation for the final part of the semester was taken differently by many people across campus.
Cruises were definitely popular this Spring Break. Several sorority girls, frat guys, athletes and other students hit up the cruise lines for relaxation, out of country adventures and all the food you can eat (far better than the cafeteria). These all-expense-paid cruises seemed the way to go for many.
Senior and member of Chi Omega sorority, Chelsea Duke, was one of the people who opted to go on a cruise. Apparently, she had the time of her life. “The best parts about the cruise were all the outlets to have fun. They had bars, clubs, karaoke, shuffleboard, a booty shaking contest, basketball and ping-pong. But my favorite part was the 24 hour pizza bar,” said Duke enthusiastically. (The booty shaking champion was a Mercer student who has chosen to remain anonymous).
Several students felt the need to go home for the break. Some had not seen their families since Winter Break, and some just wanted the feeling of sleeping in their own comfortable bed again. Others still just needed a home cooked meal, some clean laundry and no worries.
Junior soccer player Richie Edmonson went home for the break. Unlike most, his home is not in America. He went to the beautiful island country of Jamaica to spend some well needed time with family and friends.
Other students, bogged down with work, stayed on campus for the break. They used this valuable time for studying, working on projects and having the entire campus to themselves.
Senior Biomedical Engineering major Andrew Weems was one of those people. When asked about his Spring Break that he spent on campus he simply said, “Life is a beach for some people and a bitch for others.”
For athletes that are in season, their spring break was spent playing the sport they love. The Men’s and Women’s Golf, Men and Women’s Tennis, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse teams all had games to play over the break.
The women’s softball team played a whopping 8 games over the break, never leaving the state of Georgia. The baseball team traveled to North Carolina, back to Georgia and then to Mississippi in the matter of nine short days. The men and women’s golf and lacrosse teams traveled to Florida, while women’s tennis traveled to Tennessee and men’s tennis traveled to North Carolina. Overall, it was a busy break for athletes.
Whatever Spring Break meant to you, I hope you had fun because now it’s time to get back on your academic grind once more and finish out the semester with 4.0’s. It’s a sprint to the end: the beloved, several month spree of freedom known as summer break.


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