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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

How to dress for the winter in Macon

After years of debating whether or not I would like to live in a predominately cold climate, it’s official; I want nothing to do with the cold. For the past few years, Georgia has barely experienced what could be classified as cold weather, so I started to forget what it even feels like to be cold.

Although I hadn’t felt the bitter cold in years, I could never forget how much I enjoyed dressing in cooler temperatures. I sincerely do not enjoy walking outside when it’s below about 40 degrees, but stylistically, I had to make an appearance.

Dressing for colder temperatures in Macon could probably be studied as a science. It is so unpredictable and often forces you to choose whether or not you want to be cold in the morning or hot in the afternoon.

  1. Think warmer, not colder.

    When it comes to making attire decisions in the winter, I think it’s always better to layer up rather than regret not putting on enough clothing. For me, it’s best to be able to remove my top layer than freeze while in any of my classes.

    To ensure you’ll still be warm without your top layer it’s imperative you put on some type of undershirt. It could be just about any brand of thermal wear or a regular t-shirt. After this, it’s really important to invest in a good warm jacket.

  2. Don’t get caught in the rain.

    Something I had to learn the hard way this season is do not invest in only one type of jacket. I’ve had a warm peacoat for about three years now, and it has served its purpose. When it got really cold, I could pair it with a scarf and maintain style and warmth.

    But, this winter was brutal. Macon got hit with a cold front prompting meteorologists to forecast snow across Georgia. Instead Macon got really, really cold rain. I found myself hopelessly unprepared.

    My rain soaked jacket did nothing against the combination of a battering wind chill and ice cold rain droplets. That weekend I decided  to go out and find a water and windproof winter jacket. It serves as a more casual option but manages to keep me just as warm as my peacoat.

  3. Shopping doesn’t have to be difficult.

    Shopping for winter clothes in prime season can be pretty difficult and potentially expensive. But looking out for mid-season sales is the way to go. Most of the time stores offer sales on jackets and sweaters at the peak of winter season.

    Places like Macy’s, H&M, and smaller retailers like Marshalls and Ross often have some great prices on winter attire. Whether or not you’re looking for Alaska ready parkas or a light yet warm windbreaker, you should be able to find it for a great price at any of these stores.

  4. Accessories are make or break.

     The final aspect of a successful winter outfit is the accessories. Hats and scarfs make all the difference in securing the heat your body produces. It adds a trendy touch to most outfits and adds another layer of warmth.

    One hat and scarf pair are cheap and extremely beneficial to your winter attire. So, dressing in the winter is pretty simple. Find multiple jackets that keep you warm even through the weather changes and make sure to look out for great sales at the stores you shop at regularly.


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