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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

How to get your waves on swim

Due to the natural texture I have, waves have always been a style I wanted. But whenever my hair was low, I let it dry out and almost never put on my du-rag. When I did decide to try and develop my waves, I was not nearly as consistent as I should have been.

In January 2016, I began my journey to acquiring the waves I had wanted for so long. I developed a method that would eventually lead to 360 degree waves, which is the ripple effect that occurs once you achieve optimal waving in your hair. Conditioning, Compression and Consistency are the words I now live by.


  1. Conditioning

Conditioning references the process of essentially coating your follicles and hair with moisture and natural oils. This prepares your hair for growth and to become more responsive to treatment. You can never condition your hair too much.

Conditioning is essential to any natural hair style. In order to reach a desired hairstyle full of vibrancy and maximum style, you will have to do an intense amount of conditioning. An oil-infused conditioner with a thick base is a great product to have.

Shea Moisture: Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner is the conditioner I personally use along with a Crème of Nature shampoo. Both look to rid your hair of pollutants while maintaining necessary oils in order for your hair to continue to look rich and vibrant.

Conditioning and shampooing your hair allows you to continue to add products to your hair without buildup. Another part of conditioning is the product you use. Highly moisturizing and oil-packed moisturizers will lead you to your waves and eventually acquire the style you would like.

  1. Compression

The second step to flawless waves is compression. A good du-rag can be the difference between mediocre waves and a 360 degree completion. The purpose of a du-rag is to lie down your natural curl pattern, which is necessary to create the wavy illusion.

A satin du-rag will provide the necessary compression without drying your hair like a cotton du-rag would. When tying your du-rag, it is necessary to make sure the du-rag has conformed to your hair to make sure that all parts of your hair are equally laid down.

  1. Consistency

Lastly, the final step to acquiring immaculate waves is consistency. Consistency strictly pertains to making sure that you are brushing your hair daily and applying a du-rag whenever you can in order to train your hair to lie down.

Waves are a commitment, but after you acquire the results you want, you will fall in love with the process. Waves are professional and aesthetically pleasing, so anyone interested should definitely become a part of the “Swim Team.” Tryouts are coming soon.


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