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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

How to successfully get through Finals Week

The dreaded finals week is here again. It's exciting because summer is almost here, but students have what seems like a million things left to do. However, here are some things you can do to make your finals week a bit more bearable.


The right playlist can help you focus on studying a lot better than other types of music.

If you can’t listen to music with words while studying, there are several playlists that can help. Any instrumental playlist should be good to study to, especially film scores.

Spotify has a genre called Focus that contains many playlists meant for studying. You may have to listen to a few before you find one that you really like, but once you do, it will make your finals week so much better.

Study Space

One of the hardest things about studying is being able to find a good spot. During finals week, it is nearly impossible to get a study room or a good spot in the library.

Some spots on campus that are great for studying are the ARC, the tables by the fountain outside of Willingham Hall and the tables on Cruz Plaza.

If you’re looking to get off campus and study, the Washington Library is a place in downtown Macon that will probably be less crowded than Mercer’s Library.

Coffee shops such as Starbucks and Taste and See are also great places if you want to get a sweet treat while you’re working.

No matter where you study, just make sure you go somewhere where you will feel comfortable and focused.


Studying for hours on end usually requires a lot of snacks and some coffee. However, the lack of sleep and stress that accompany finals can sometimes make your immune system weak.

Make sure that some of your snacks are healthy, like orange juice or veggies. Also, make sure you take time to sleep and nap so that you don’t get sick.

Study Breaks

Although finals are important, and they take a lot of time to study for, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun the last week.

If you feel like you need to take a break from stress, you could go to the Plunkett Pool or you could find a spot in Tattnall Square Park to hang a hammock and read or color.


It’s the last week and the end of your classes, but it’s also the last week of seeing your friends and roommates for the summer. Work hard, but also make memories with your friends.


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