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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

JuBee rocks Jimmy Kimmel

A few weeks back, Macon rockers JubBe and the Morning after flew out to Seattle, performing as the opening band on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s not every day that Macon musicians get a chance to perform on national television, so naturally, we here at the Cluster were very excited for the band’s success. In celebration. I sat down with the Dwayne “JuBee” Webb to discuss the show, Macon, and music in general.
EB: How was the band selected to perform on Jimmy Kimmel?
It was an honor, because we were chosen personally by the Jimmy Kimmel music team out of 2000 bands who entered the Samsung Summer Krush Opening Act contest.
EB: Tell me a little about playing on the show.
It was amazing. They flew us out to Seattle, took care of us. We opened up for Pitbull but other than that business as usual.
EB: How was the audience reaction at the performance?
It was Pitbull’s audience and of course they had no clue who we we’re, but by the end of every song we played we had folks singing along like they knew the songs already, which I thought was crazy.
EB: After being on national TV, where do you think the band is headed next?
Being on national TV has definitely opened doors that were previously closed. I see us going through a couple more of those doors before it’s all said and done.
EB: What goes in to writing a typical Jubee and the Morning After song? Is there a specific tone you guys are going after?
It starts as an idea, which may come from a conversation or just from something one of us has been through or is going through. As the resident MC, I try to turn those thoughts into songs as best as possible. I love telling stories, and the tone of those stories varies depending on subject matter. I like covering a wide spectrum. There’s so much in this world to talk about, so why not?
EB: Is there a conscious effort on the band’s part to blend genres together, or is that something that happens naturally in the writing process?
It’s most definitely natural and organic due to the different musical background and taste of everybody in the band. Most of us were front men in bands before coming together as Jubee and the Morning After, so we have specific ways we hear music already from those experiences.
EB: Continuing from there, are there any specific influences that you or other members bring to the table?
Between old school hip hop, funk, indie rock and a whole slew of influences, we just try our best to be creative and keep it smooth as possible.
EB: What are your favorite things about the music scene in Macon? Favorite places to play? Bands to play with?
Macon embraces its musicians with love and they truly want you to progress to the next level. People here will always push you accordingly, which is beautiful. I’ve always loved the Hummingbird, The Capitol Theatre and Grant’s Lounge. As far as Warner Robins goes, we’ve recently started playing at Friends on the Hill which I think is a great place. We brought Kid Syc@Brandywine and Baby Baby down for our CD release party to play with us, they are both super cool guys and fun to play along with. Back City Woods was always a great time also.
EB: What have been your favorite experiences playing with the band so far?
I think doing Kimmel is def initely up there, but there are so many amazing experiences to speak of. I actually met my father for the first time at our CD release show. Really, I just love everyone in the band and couldn’t ask for better friends and musicians.
EB: What’s in store for the future of the band? Tours, another record, etc.
In 2012, we’re trying to stay busy as possible. There are  projects we’re working on, shows we’re playing. We’re always spreading the good word of JuBee and the Morning After.


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