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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Leggings are not pants

Now that it is getting colder outside (finally), I think this is an appropriate time to make the generalized statement: leggings are NOT pants! If they were pants, then they would be called PANTS.
Ok, that last sentence may have been a little too circular in thought, but I think the logical point I wanted to make was there. But to attempt to clarify what I just said, leggings do not fall into a pants category.
Leggings show way too much and are kind of the middle ground between stockings/tights and regular pants. It’s a sketchy middle ground that no one should tread lightly.
I do not particularly care what size you are, leggings just do not work as pants, especially ones that are the same color as your skin. In most cases, wearing leggings may not be embarrassing for you, but for the rest of us, it is just flat out uncomfortable; even more so when the leggings make you appear to be wearing no pants at all. Um, that is just gross. People still do it - please do not be one of them.
Another variant of the leggings phenomenon is the oversized shirt or sweater, leggings combo. Just because we cannot see your butt doesn’t mean that you should do it. An oversized shirt is still a shirt. Wearing the oversized shirt or sweater with just leggings looks you forgot to put something on. During the winter I see the combo all the time, and all I can do is shake my head.
I’m not claiming to be some sort of fashion expert, because I know I’m not the most fashion-forward person around. But when your outfit makes other people uncomfortable, you should consider changing.
If your friends let you out of your house wearing something that could potentially make other people uncomfortable, you should consider changing your friends. I say that last part jokingly...sort of.
I do think that leggings are a helpful item of clothing, especially in the winter months - whatever those might be. Wearing leggings under athletic shorts to work out outdoors is a sensible combo that I’m definitely a fan of. I’m pretty sure the most common combo is the Nike Tango shorts with leggings underneath and a t-shirt/hoodie. Talk about comfortable.
Another way to utilize leggings is to wear them under skirts to add another layer to an outfit, just don’t use jeggings. Those things are just awkward in the best of circumstances.
A practical way to use leggings is to wear them under jeans or another form of pants to keep your leg warm on those blustery winter days.
I’m not completely opposed to leggings. I’m just opposed to leggings being worn in the place of pants or other appropriate forms of ‘bottoms.’
I understand that everyone’s sense of style is different, and I can appreciate that fact. I just think that some styles need to go away and never come back again.
Leggings as pants is one of those styles. It may be easy to throw on some leggings, but it’s just as easy to throw on some sweat pants and those are way more socially acceptable.
So ladies... and men, the next time you decide to pull on those leggings, think about how you are using them and how other people will see them.
If you decide that you want to try and pull off the leggings as pants look, odds are you probably won’t.
If it’s comfort you’re going for, there are pants out there that are just as comfortable as leggings, if not more. Please, just be cautious. Leggings as pants are just not a good look, on anyone.


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