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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Macon offers up fun and cheap ways to enjoy the summer

Summer is almost here, a period of time many of Mercer Students are eagerly awaiting. As we serve our last month here at school, slaving over books and notes in an attempt to pass those pesky finals, it is great to know there is a light at the end of the knowledge filled tunnel. Yet while we finish out the next few days why not enjoy the finer things of college life.
Macon, while it is defiantly not much of a college town, has many pleasurable aspects to offer to Mercer’s students; the first of which being their parks and recreational spaces. Not only does Mercer’s campus have sand volley ball courts as well as a swimming pool and intramural courts.
Located across from Knighthall, just off campus, is Tattnall Square Park. This quaint little spot is covered in a field big enough to play soccer or ultimate Frisbee in, it is also complete with a gazebo and tennis courts. Mollie Davis suggests that “Students can rent BearBikes, for $5 a day, through campus life and ride downtown on the Historic Macon tour.” If nature is your thing then head over to a park or one of the cities gardens for a nice picnic, maybe even take a bike ride.
If history is what you are into than Macon’s Historical Sites are defiantly for you. Lillian Watkins suggests that “Children’s Museum or the Hay house, because those are interesting places to visit.” There are also some other museums and sites around Macon, one simply has to search them out.
Want to play a game but hate the bugs well then Gold Cup Bowling off of Pio Nono is perfect for you. Every Wednesday from 9pm-1pm is College Night. For $3.50 one can obtain shoes and play a whole game of bowling. If Wednesdays do not work from 9am-1pm on Sundays one game of bowling will cost you $4.00 including shoe rental. All in all this is practically a steal when games usually cost around eight bucks, not including snacks.
Another part of the great indoors is the movie theaters. Josh Coleman said he would spend is his last $10 going “to the Amstar on Zebulon to see an early movie, and pray I still had enough for a Coke!” If he is in lucky and it’s a Wednesday nights, $6.50 can get you perched in a seat of the latest movie with a little extra shelled out for an ice-cold Coke in hand. This week some of their movies include The Hunger Games, Three Stooges, and The Lucky One.
If those just will not do try checking out the movie section in our very own Tarver Library on campus. With some great classics as well as a few new movies it’s a pretty happening isle. In a theater or in your dorm, a movie with some popcorn and a Reece’s Cup is a perfect way to unwind from heavy duty studying.
If food is what you are after there are several well acceptable places to chow down besides the Cafe and Mercer Village. Mercerian Brittany Chandler said that if she only had $10 to spend in Macon “I would go to Bear’s Den to eat. “Located on Oglethorpe Street this Mom and Pop’s place is dedicated to its customers and gives hearty southern cooking its name. Bear’s Den is opened 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays serving classics like chicken and dumpling and yummy desserts including brownies and Oreo pudding, not to mention it is defiantly in a college student’s price range. Macon has many fun and cheap places for students to explore if only one searches them out.


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