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Friday, Nov 26, 2021

Make the most of mandatory romance

Whether couples have been together for two days or two decades, there is one annual day set aside to contemplate, and act according to, their love.  The origin of this special holiday is rather murky, but the celebration means seem to be tried and true. Gifts prove to be a Valentine’s Day norm: some cheesy card, a fluffy bear, chocolates and maybe a meal.

Yet, this can be rather overdone at times, so here are a few ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Treasure hunt: Make your loved one work for their gift. Sean O’Connor, a student here at Mercer, says “I would lead [my valentine] on an excursion that leads them through a sequence of clues that eventually leads them to something special.”

At the end of the long trail would be undoubtedly a gift or perhaps a sweet garden candle lit dinner or even just you holding your arms opened wide.

Build a fort and have a picnic: Another brilliant idea is packing a small picnic, stuffing a stack of sheets under your arm and spending a beautiful, carefree day in the park; the weather allowing.

Use it as a day to just spend together, whether that is spread ing out on a blanket, or playing Frisbee in the square. Stealing away your love for a delicious handmade picnic under a fort of sheets is a memorable way to express your care.

You could even bundle up and spend the night under the stars!

Get moving: Take a dance class together; ballroom, salsa, jazz or even hip-hop. Pick something that will get you both having fun and moving together. Maybe even find a swing-dancing club. This can be done in preparation of Valentine’s Day, then you can get dressed up and hit the town with your new moves and your beloved on your arm.

Rock out the written word: Nothing says “I love you” more than a song or a poem. Whether you write an original or perform a classic is up to you, but either way it is a sweet gesture. This is a little more of a classic move than original, but it is a classic for a reason.

Make a movie: This takes a lot of planning, but in the end it will be worth it. Making a movie of your most precious moments is sweet and leaves a lot of leeway for creativity then the average gift.

You can add in pictures, video clips, funny quotes, meaningful songs... whatever you want! The sky is the limit for ideas when it comes to this. You can go professional or simply make a slide show; either way make it yours because piracy is not cute.

Gifts Galore:  Nothing is better on Valentine’s Day than proving that you know your significant other. What better way to prove this than with gifts? A great gifting idea is a basket filled with all their favorite things and a few personal touches.

Perhaps a mixed CD, their favorite movie, a handmade card or even some scrumptious homemade candy.

The key to making this Valentine’s Day special is making it yours. Be original and give your loved one a day to remember. If you’re really into it, create a theme day: if they love pirates, you can go sailing, watch Pirates of the Caribbean (all four) and even talk like a pirate. (Okay, some forms of piracy are cute.)

 Jenna Allen says, “It is better to do something fun and sweet with your Valentine than to just exchange gifts and chocolate.”  Jenna also said that her favorite part about the day is “the smiles.” She says, “Everyone is appreciative of their friends as well as their boyfriends [/girlfriends].”


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