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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Makin’ Macon weather work

snow day 2

Woody Marshall / The Telegraph

The weather in Macon has been sporadic at best. It seems every weather channel in the state is a constant stream of severe weather warnings. Winter has brought freezing rain, record-breaking temperatures and even one tornado warning. With class cancellations only a road freeze away, how do experienced Maconites make do?

One family, as reported by both 13WMAZ and “The Telegraph,” decided to have their own version of a snow day. The Gregorys took advantage of the below freezing temperatures earlier in the month and created snow in their yard. One Monday night, Roger Gregory used the snow machine he bought a few years earlier to cover the entire front yard of their Macon home. Due to the temperature staying at a chilly 28 degrees, the snow kept for the rest of the day.

College students may be the ones who suffer the most during these chilly times. Students are constantly outside making treks across campus in order to get from one building to the next. Sarah-Anne Crawford, a freshman, gave this advice to her fellow students: “Layers. Layers, layers and more layers.” Crawford went on to explain that “being from the south doesn’t really prepare you for weather in the teens, but layers are most efficient when going from scorching buildings to the freezing outdoors.” While walking across campus in the early hours of the morning to make it to a dreaded 8 a.m. class, it is important to heed Crawford’s advice. Wear gloves and hats, and put on your heaviest coat before braving the cold.

However, in recent days, the weather took a turn for the more dangerous. On Saturday, Jan. 11, a tornado warning was issued until 3 p.m. Students were urged to keep indoors, especially at the sound of the emergency siren. Many students read the tornado protocol that came with an email and were prepared to take cover in specified locations of their dorm building should inclement weather demand such precautions. If in doubt, always seek shelter in the inner parts of your home or building, as far as possible from windows or in doorways.

With these sporadic temperature changes, it’s also important to keep pets as warm as possible. Shelters across central Georgia, like the Bibb County Animal Shelter, have moved smaller animals from colder rooms to new living spaces. During this unpredictable weather, keep indoor pets inside and make sure outdoor pets have adequate living arrangements and plenty of warmth and unfrozen water.

The best advice is to stay bundled up when it is necessary to go outside, and if it is not necessary, stay indoors. If you do go out and wish to help others during the cold season, there are many different volunteer organizations around Macon that may be in greater need due to the inclement weather. You could help by helping with Meals on Wheels or donating items to the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia. If you are having a difficult time braving the cold and dangerous weather, imagine how much more difficult it could be for those in need.


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