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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Mercer Artist: diverse musician Dustin Murdock

Dustin Murdock is a sophomore at Mercer University majoring in music performance with an emphasis in classical guitar.  His first experience with guitar was with his grandfather, who taught him how to play old gospel music.  Since then he has not only learned to play guitar but also piano, drums and trumpet.  Murdock admits that he has always wanted to learn to play the cello and has even purchased one in the hopes of beginning to play.  He has been incredibly involved with music, although he admits that there are no professional musicians in his family.  When asked what he would be doing if he was not pursuing a music degree, he said, “Music is the only thing I’m good at.  There were no other options.”  He admits, however, that he enjoys writing poetry, which often become lyrics in his original songs.  He is also considering graduate studies in music composition.

Murdock has released four albums to date, that can be found on Macon Noise, and is working on a new solo album that should be available early next year.  He has been playing live shows with bands since he was 13 years old.  Murdock is currently active in two bands, Trufflelina and Nomenclature, and toured the east coast with them a year and a half ago.  He was also previously part of a band called Xavii, whose music can also be found through Macon Noise.  He has won the 11th Hour Award for Most Experimental Band twice, and hopes to have a career touring with a band playing his own compositions.  His favorite styles of music include free jazz, progressive rock and classical Indian music.  When asked about his favorite band or artist he had some trouble narrowing it down.  He resolved to answer Vic Chesnutt, a songwriter from Georgia, as his most influential musician.

A local Maconite, he stayed in Macon and chose to attend Mercer University because he wanted to stay close to the bands he had taken a part in starting.  Through his research, he found Mercer was the best option for receiving a Bachelor’s in music performance locally.  He enjoys attending Mercer University and is currently the guitarist, and at times the pianist, for the Mercer University Jazz Ensemble.  He is currently hoping to start a band, most likely a jazz influenced rock group with diverse instrumentation, with his fellow Townsend School of Music peers. He shared that due to their intense solo repertoire it is very unusual for the students to collaborate musically with each other.  Murdock’s albums and bands, past and current, can be found at  When asked why he believes music is important he said, “It’s the most effective medium to communicate beyond the spoken language.”  Make sure to check out Dustin Murdock’s bands on Macon Noise and keep an eye out for his upcoming solo album.


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