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Monday, Sep 27, 2021

Mercer Artists: David Ricard II

David Ricard II, a freshman Mechanical Engineering major, also plays the offensive line on Mercer’s football team. Outside of academics and football, music is one of his other interests. He joined the Mercer Singers this semester, and will hopefully stand with the choir as they sing the National Anthem at the first game of  the season against Reinhardt. Ricard sat down with The Cluster to share about his musical hobbies:


Cluster: What made you decide to join Mercer Singers?

David: I just really enjoy singing. I like the whole musical atmosphere.


C: Did you sing in high school?

D: Yeah, school choir. I’m from Woodland High school in Stockbridge, GA.


C: Did your high school choir travel?

D: We went on 4 trips last year.


C: Have you done anything musically outside of choir?

D: I got together with some friends and we sang for the Governor’s Mansion one time. It was around Christmas time, and we sang “Silent Night” for them as a trio.


C: Any particular type of music you like to sing?

D: Not really because I like it all, but if I had to choose I guess I would say R&B.


C: Any favorite artists?

D: I really like Mario.


C: Do you have a favorite musical memory?

D: Yeah, I was with my high school choir and we sang the National Anthem for the Braves.


C: Do you have anyone who inspired you to start singing?

D: It’s really just something I started to enjoy.


C: In the future do you see yourself doing anything with music?

D: Yes, I do. I like creating different sounds that haven’t been heard before. I have a little DJ system at my house that I like to create instrumentals and such. I never thought that I would get that serious about it.


C: Do you listen to certain music to get ready for games?

D: Hip hop and country.


C: Any artists in particular?

D: Florida Georgia Line and Kendrick Lamar.


C: Are you excited for the first game?

D: Very.


C: What’s it like coming from a high school football team to a college team?

D: It’s different. High school was more for fun while these guys are more aggressive. They’ll go after you.


C: What brought you to Mercer?

D: Coach Vogt saw me play and brought me down here. I was excited to see that Mercer had such a good Engineering program.


C: What do you hope to do with your major?

D: Hopefully, I will branch out into aerospace engineering.


C: What are things you’ve liked and disliked about your first week at Mercer?

D: Everyone is like family around here, everyone is nice. Walking to class, people will just greet you. I like that. Dislike? Plunkett.


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