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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

Mercer campus doctor receives national award

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The National Medical Association has awarded the 2013 Practitioner of the Year Award to Dr. Warren Hutchings, Director of the Student Health Center and on the Macon Campus of Mercer University. This year is the first time Dr. Hutchings has won the Practitioner of the Year Award.

“I felt great, I mean that was one of the most wonderful experiences,” said Dr. Hutchings, referring to how he felt when he learned the news. He went on to say he was surprised when he received the award.

The National Medical Association awards one physician each year with the Practitioner of the Year Award. The National Medical Association usually considers around 5o,ooo physicians for the award each year, according to Dr. Hutchings.

Dr. Hutchings also mentioned that winning the award is usually a onetime event; physicians do not usually win the award more than once. He has also won several other awards such as the Dr. George A. Johnston Sr. Community service Award, and the MGMS Outstanding Leadership Award. When asked how one would become eligible for winning Practitioner of the Year, he replied, “You’re nominated by one of your peers.”

Dr. Hutchings received his nomination came from Dr. Millard Collier Jr. the President of the Georgia State Medical Association (GSMA). Dr. Hutchings is the current board chair for GSMA and was the president for 2011-2012 year. He is also the CEO and founder of the Middle Georgia Medical Society (MGMS) and served as its president for several years.

Dr. Hutchings has been working at Mercer University for seven years. He started working at Mercer University in 2006 when he joined the Family Health Department. Dr. Hutchings had already been working in Macon since 1996 at that point.

“I’m part time/part time,” said Dr. Hutchings, describing what it is like for him to work in two departments. As of now, Dr. Hutchings spends half of his time at the Student Health Center and he spends the other half of his time with Mercer’s Family Medicine department.

Apart from his work at the Student Health Center and Family Health Center, he also works with Mercer Athletic Department as one of the family medical physicians.

“It’s been excellent,” said Dr. Hutchings, describing the time he spent working at Mercer University. “I’ve been able to maintain my practice and my presence,” said Dr. Hutchings, referring to the fact that his work with Mercer University’s Student Health Center does not prevent him from working with family health.

As for the award itself, Dr. Hutchings said that it “was a wonderful opportunity to showcase Mercer,” referring chiefly to Mercer’s School of Medicine. Dr. Hutchings went on to say, “Mercer has shown consistent community involvement” and he says he was glad he was able to highlight that by winning this award.

The National Medical Association holds an annual Convention and Scientific Assembly. This year is the Association’s 112th assembly. This year’s assembly is in Toronto, Canada, and it is there that Dr. Hutchings will accept his award.


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