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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

‘Mercer Cribs:” A players’ pad


Sidewalk chalk drawings beckon you up the concrete pathway that leads to the pink house of Mercer students Dani Ansley, Kyle Shook and Lauren Lunsford.

“It’s so nice to meet you,”  Lunsford said as she opened the door to her gorgeous home.

The fun and playful vibe of the outside of the house increases as you enter the home. The sky-blue hallway that houses the doors to the bedrooms also leads back to the family room and kitchen.

The three-bedroom house fits all three Mercer students and Martha, the house cat, quite nicely within its spacious rooms and high ceilings.

Three comfy couches adorn the living room which, combined with the antique fireplace and the huge windows, give the room an open and homey feel—a feeling that is only amplified when I notice Martha looking right at home as she takes a nap on top of the DVD player.

Although the home is 130 years old, the age barely shows throughout the house. “There were renovations done right before we moved in last year,” Lunsford explained.

The renovations are the not the only nice feature that attracted the bunch to the house. It is also less than half a mile from Mercer’s campus.

“It takes me four minutes to get to the music building, which is prime,” Lunsford said. Shook also agreed that the house was within walking distance to his classes.

While explaining the perks of the home, Lunsford and Shook did let it slip that sometimes they were graced with another roommate.

“Actually, we are pretty sure the house is haunted. There was someone murdered here about 20 years ago,” said Lunsford.

“Weird things happen and we hear weird sounds sometimes,” Shook said.

“When my brother lived here last he actually saw some figures in the house,” Lunsford said. There have been many a Mercer Players party where strange knocking has been heard on the walls, Shook said.

“Stuff just happens that we know is not normal,” Shook said.

“That is why I would never live alone, at least here anyway,” Lunsford added.

Even though the house seems to be haunted all three roommates agreed it is wonderful living off campus.

“There are no fire drills and it is nice to be able to have friends over. The kitchen is great and there is no fighting for parking unless you go on campus. At 1 a.m. you don’t have to park at MerPo and walk,” Shook said.

“There are so many good things about not living on campus,” Ansley said. “Not having to worry about R.A.s sayings I’m too loud is nice. And I can play my games and have friends stay over without having to worry about getting in trouble.”

While there was some debate about the best feature of the house, all three roommates agreed that its size was the best part.

“It is so big and spacious,” Ansley said. “Even the hallway is huge. It’s really nice.”

“The high ceilings and the windows are great. On a clear day they let in lots of light,” Shook added.

But as with any house there are some things that bother the roommates.

“The roaches and mice. That is the only problem I have with the house. I don’t see them much right now so hopefully they won’t start coming in again,” Ansley said.

The weird noises that come with the house were Shook’s only complaint. “Sometimes you will be walking down the hall and you hear a creak,” shuddered Shook.

However, the cons do not seem to outweigh the pros to Lunsford, Shook and Ansley.


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