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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Mercer Memories: Cindy Drury

Fall is upon us and along with it, Mercer looks forward to events such as Mercer Madness, Pilgrimage to Penfield and Halloween. The Assistant Director of Campus Life, Cindy Drury is a Mercer alumna and had plenty of fond Mercer memories to share of the fall.
Cluster: What were you involved in while at Mercer?
Drury: I was involved in Residence Life. I was an RA for two years. I was also involved in Student Government, Quadworks, Alpha Delta Pi sorority and I was highly involved in intramurals. I helped start the Mercer club swim team. I was a lifeguard at Plunkett, which was very nice. I was part of T’s Corner staff, and so I was the informational specialist for the building [student center] for two years.
Cluster: What do you remember about this time of year in fall?
Drury: I remember fall being really exciting. We didn’t have homecoming until February but we had Mercer Madness. I think my favorite memory of the fall was having Mercer Madness in Porter gym. Porter gym is no longer here, but it used to be where Porter Patch now is. The basketball arena only sat about 500 students and it had these awesome wooden benches. And so at midnight, we would all crowd into the gym. It was such a fun event to go to because everyone wanted to be there. There would be fireworks, and the team would come out which was awesome.
Another good fall memory was when I had my FYSX class during the fall. We had 8:00 a.m. classes which was fine for me, but for some of my other classmates, they had struggled at times. I remember one time we had to go over to Roberts to actually knock on the door and wake one of our classmates up because he would like to sleep in a lot. But then we were able to spend the day outside, and kind of sit and have FYSX class in the courtyard area and enjoy the nice fall weather.
Cluster: What year did you graduate?
Drury: I graduated in 2006. So I was here from 2002 to 2006.
Cluster: Do you have any cool costume ideas you did for Halloween?
Drury: I have a twin sister named Samantha and I remember when we came to school our freshman year, a lot of people couldn’t tell us apart very well. We looked very similar and people just didn’t know us well enough yet. So we did a pretty fun play on costume where one was the good twin and one was the evil twin.
We did have a pretty good slogan when we ran together for student government our freshman year. Of course, we had a play on the “double-mint.” It was a really funny slogan and I think it was one of the reasons we probably got into student government that year because we had the catchiest little slogan out there. I think it [the slogan] was, “Double your pleasure, double your fun, vote for Cindy and Sam ‘cause two is always better than one.”


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