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Monday, Sep 27, 2021

Movie Review: ‘Annihilation’ belongs with the great sci-fi movies

If you think of some of the best science-fiction movies that have been released over the past five years, which would you think of?

“Interstellar,” the space odyssey about love and exploration? “Arrival,” a linguists time talking to aliens? Or “The Martian,” a movie about the loneliest man not on Earth?

All of these films are fantastic science-fiction adventures that will go down in history as some of the best of the 21st century, if not of all time. I believe that “Annihilation”, the absolutely beautiful and also frighteningly thought-provoking film about an other-wordly “shimmer” and what lies inside it, belongs on this list.

“Annihilation” is a high-concept, highly intellectual film about a team of women that venture into what is called “the shimmer,” to see what lies beyond it and to find out what happened to every other team that has been lost inside.

“Annihilation” is getting high praise from many critics, but not all mainstream audiences are falling in love with the movie.

When this happens, this is usually an indicator that the film was too much for the common viewer, or “went over people’s heads,” so to speak. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is not a good thing either because the film usually won’t make as much money.

However, do not use this as an excuse to not go see the movie. “Annihilation” has so much to offer, even for the average moviegoer.

The movie starts off as one would expect, with the five scientists venturing into the unknown, only for things to get weirder and weirder.

Plot wise, the film did a wonderful job building the characters, setting the scene, and creating danger all the way up until the last thirty minutes of the film. At this point, the movie may lose some people, similarly to how Interstellar did so at its end. That being said, if one is willing to stick with it to the end, the payoff is worth it and chilling, to say the least.

Natalie Portman is the leading lady in “Annihilation,” and her supporting cast consists of Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac, Tuva Novotny and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

While Portman and her crew did a wonderful job for most of the film, the script did not do them any favors. There was a lot of vocal exposition that did not allow for the actresses to fully flesh out the scene to the best of their abilities. That being said, the women did do a fantastic job with what they had to work with, and Portman does not disappoint.

Visually speaking, the movie was positively gorgeous. This is the type of movie that definitely needs to be seen on the big screen, otherwise the viewer is not getting the full experience of the movie. The plants and animals, the cinematography and the use of color makes for a simply breathtaking piece of cinema that cannot afford to be missed.

“Annihilation” is a stunning film that is somewhat of a brain teaser. If you are a viewer who enjoys to puzzle or question, then “Annihilation” is for you.

However, if you are a viewer that tends to get lost at time or does not pay full attention, then “Annihilation” may lose you in the second act.

Nevertheless, the film is one heck of an adventure that is an absolute delight if you are willing to give it a chance. You can never be too sure about high-concept films that take chances such as this, but i can assure you that “Annihilation” is worth the risk. ✪8/10


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