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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Museum of Arts and Sciences revisits the dreamlike pieces of its ‘Emerging Voices’ series

The Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon is showcasing some of the past works of the “Emerging Voices” art series. The series focuses on amplifying the voices of many artists and accentuating the effort put into their work.

One of the artists featured, Alex Kraft, beautifully captures the art of creative expression. Kraft is a Northern Arizona University graduate, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics and a Bachelor of Science in art education.

Kraft became one of the museum’s emerging artists in 2015.

Her piece, “Marmolingot,” features an array of colors and shapes, and the sculpture morphs and curves into a beautiful abstract form. The long sprout at the top resembles a blossoming flower, and the striking colors make the sculpture an alluring piece to view.

While Kraft creates abstract pieces with vivid colors, Kyungmin Park, a New York State College of Ceramics graduate, chooses a different route in expressing artistic creativity.

"L'oiseau Mort", a sculpture by Kyungmin Park, is currently on display at The Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Ga. on Feb. 25. (Image: Ashley Pemberton)

Park was chosen as an emerging artist in 2013. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008 and her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia in 2012.

Her piece, “L’oiseau Mort,” explores the duality of life and death. A woman, painted a muted light blue, leans over a golden bird. The bird rests on a ceramic slab carved to look like a piece of wood. The woman is reaching out to touch the bird, her other hand cupping her ear. She holds a curious expression, the apple of her cheeks painted a bright yellow. The intimacy between the two figures creates a picturesque moment captured by the clay.

Alexis Gregg, a 2015 Emerging Artist, diverts from both of these paths, creating work that captures the world she sees.

Gregg earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia in 2007 and her Master of Arts degree from California State University in 2010.

Gregg’s art presents a snapshot of nature, although she adds a whimsical twist.

Her piece, “Japanese Kudzu White-tailed Deer,” features a clay deer with a shimmering glaze. The fawn is sitting, its leg folded under itself, its head tilted up slightly, its ears perked and eyes looking towards the sky. The deer’s back and legs are covered in kudzu leaves, each one painted a muted green. The leaves get gradually bigger as they travel up the fawn’s body, the largest of them curling around its neck. The green creeps up the deer’s face, covering its nose and cheeks.

The exhibit as a whole successfully brings past work back to life and allows the viewers a look into the minds of each creative visionary. It is a must-see for viewers interested in a diverse range of artistic styles and content.

The Emerging Voices exhibit will run at the Museum of Arts and Sciences until October 2021. While you’re there, you can also check out the other three exhibitions currently on display, titled “Emerging National IX,” “Seeing & Being—The Art of William Segal” and “Masked Anxiety.”


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