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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Parking Problems

Beep! Beep! Here comes frustration again when trying to locate a parking spot on the Mercer University Macon campus.

All Mercer students have gone through the frustrating and tiring task of trying to find a parking spot close to a building on campus. It is obvious that parking at Mercer on a weekday is next to impossible.

With the freshmen class increasing each year and returning students piling in, the competition for a parking space has become a hostile event for students.

The frustration goes so far that students choose to give up hope and park on curbs despite knowing in the back of their minds that a ticket from Mercer Police is looming in their near futures.

Parking tickets have already become a norm for some students.

They have come to terms with the risk of a fine in order to make it to class on time or have a decent walking distance to their dorms for once.

Mercer parking tickets are not only disheartening to see on your windshield the first time but can make tears come to your eyes the second time you receive one.

Once you receive your first ticket, the cost is $25. Each ticket you receive after your first increases in cost by $10.

If you fail to pay the cost of the tickets, you will have a hold on your account. This hold means you will not have access to certain important aspects of your account, such as your transcripts or class registration.

Dealing with inadequate parking and paying for expensive tickets proves burdensome for any student, but you can overcome this problem by knowing the places you can park.

Knowing the available parking lots for your decal color is important, so you can save time looking for a close spot to park and so you can begin your walk to your desired location.

The decal colors are essential to finding an available “ticket free” parking space.

Blue means all decals and visitors can park in that lot.

Green means faculty and staff can only park in that lot.

Purple stands for commuter student parking.

Red stands for resident student parking.

Yellow stands for Mercer loft parking.

Since these colored decals dictate who can park where, these decals should have roughly the same amount of space for each person wishing to park, right?

In other words the student parking areas should be about the same amount of area but it appears that the yellow parking decal is attempting a takeover.

The yellow decal for the lofts is the most prominent decal color on Mercer campus.

Do the lofts really need that much parking space? Is this fair to other Mercer students competing for a spot to park?

The lofts parking lots are scattered all across Mercer’s campus and it seems that other students will continue to fight it out in the parking lot for a space to put their cars.


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