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Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

Quirisa Mauga hopes to get a ring her last year in Mercer softball

Quirisa Mauga has been surrounded by softball her entire life. She’s played the sport since the age of 10. Her dad coaches three softball teams, and her older sister plays softball professionally.

“I knew that I really wanted to play college softball. However, it actually coming true wasn’t something that I expected, especially here at Mercer, a high-quality institution,” Mauga said.

Now in her senior year, Mauga said leaving Mercer’s softball team hasn’t hit her yet.

“With all the work, I still feel I have another year or so left. Once it gets to springtime, I think it might hit me a little more…. I just know it’s another year, another time to come out and play hard and get a ring,” Mauga said.

Mauga is from San Diego, California. She is one of the team’s top bats and starts at third base, according to the Mercer Bears’ website. She’s also a psychology major.

Jaclyn Ramkissoon
Quirisa Mauga (16) starts at third base on Mercer’s softball team.

Head Coach Stephanie Defeo said she transferred to Mercer spring semester of her freshman year.

“[Mauga] has had to go through some things just because she was always so far away from home. She’s been able to adjust, which has helped us with our success for sure. She’s got an amazing personality,” DeFeo said.

Three years later, Mauga said both Mercer Softball and her parents shaped her into the leader she is today.

“Just being able to implement what they’ve taught me in this setting, on this team, is a dream come true,” Mauga said.

Mauga said to be on the team you have to be a great teammate.

“There’s 23 people on this team, so there’s different personalities here and there. You have to be able to overcome all different personalities and diversity,” Mauga said.

Her favorite memories are of competing with top Division I programs, including the University of Minnesota, who they won against 5-2 in 2016. This year she hopes herself and the team can work on their consistency.

“I’m very hard on myself when it comes to softball and me being my own coach in my head,” Mauga said.

Mauga said she views softball as her sanctuary.

“Whether I’m having a bad day, whether I just got a bad test grade, I kind of leave that outside the gate and get in there and work out with my teammates,” Mauga said.

Although she plans to get her master’s in psychology, Mauga said softball will always be in her life.

“She’s a very driven individual,” DeFeo said. “I think that no matter what she does or decides to do professionally she’s gonna be amazing. I hope that she’s happy and finds something that will get her to a place successfully.”


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