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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Student government swears in five new members

This semester, Mercer’s Student Government Association (SGA) added five new freshmen representatives to its group. The new representatives are Sarine Husein, Ngozidirichukwu Ihenacho, Logan Fowler, Elizabeth Mckay and Patrick Harris.

The SGA elections began on Tuesday, September 3, and concluded on Wednesday. There was an unveiling held at 6 pm on Wednesday that revealed the results.

“The first meeting was really informative,” said Patrick Harris. He was not into student politics in high school, but he came here with the minority mentor project. Raymond came to his O-group and talked about SGA, which motivated him to join SGA.

Elizabeth McKay said, “The meeting went well today, it’s definitely very formal.” She is very passionate about Mercer, and being involved with the school. She said, “I am so glad to be a part of that.”

“It was really long, but it was really insightful,” said Ngozidirichukwu Ihenacho. “I’m really looking forward to being involved.” She wanted to run for SGA because of what the group stands for and the impact they have on Mercer’s campus. This year is about improvement and growth for her.

Sarine Husein said she worked on her high school’s student government and loved being a part of it, which is why she chose to become involved with Mercer’s SGA. She also wants to help preserve Mercer’s heritage. “I think the first senate went very well, I was very comfortable and I loved meeting everyone,” said Husein.

“This first senate meeting really reassured me that all of us freshman senators are in good hands and it really proved to me that a lot of things go on here,” said Logan Fowler. Fowler was a member of his student government in high school and his sister was also a member of SGA, which motivated him to join when he became a student at Mercer. He says that he hopes to give students a bigger incentive to participate in events at the university.

When asked how he felt about the new members, SGA President Raymond Partolan said, “I’m incredibly excited to be working with these brand new freshman senators! Mercer’s in a time of change and I’m confident that this cohort will be a positive catalyst to help bring about that change. Each and every single one of these new senators campaigned for the last week about their own personal qualities and their ideas about how to best represent their class. They’ve worked hard and all of them deserve to be where they are today! They are natural leaders who will truly help to express and promote the interests of their peers. I already know it’s going to be an amazing year!” The new representatives were sworn in on Monday and are now full members of SGA.


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