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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Syd Tha Kid “Fin”-ally debuts as a solo talent

In just 37 short minutes, Sydney Bennet, a.k.a. “Syd Tha Kyd,” managed to combine a neo-soul style with a new-aged jazz feel in her debut album “Fin.”  The album was released Feb. 2, 2017.  

Although this was Bennet’s first solo album, her discography does not start here. I have been following Syd since I discovered her neo-soul band group, “The Internet.”  She also has ties to the rap group “Odd Future.”

In each of these groups, she has participated as a lead or contributing singer and has always associated herself with a new-aged jazz style. She rose to stardom by separating herself from more prominent genres, focusing on contrasting soft and soothing vocals with a subtle snare and jazz combination.

All of these influences are what make her style so unique. Her sound is pure. It’s a combination of grit and passion for music. Her voice plus the variation of the instrumentals combine to create a cacophony of neo-soul and jazz style music.  

Her originality stems from the combination of a variety of topics that are easily relatable to young and mid-age audiences. Relationships, the occasional night out and personal connections are all among the revolving subject matters of Bennet’s album.

One main theme addressed throughout the album was love. Lyrics like: “If I could have you all to me, then I am yours for you to keep” from the song “Know,” and “Who can love you like I love you baby / Never thought that I would ever see the day,” from “Insecurities” all allude to strong emotions and relationships.

Incongruency, a feature that is normally looked at to be a detracting factor of any artist’s album, worked in Bennet’s favor. The album lacks consistency, but oddly helps to incite a further look into the capabilities of the artist.

Each song has some relevance to the others, but they do not all link together to create one picture. For example, the songs “Know” and “Smile More” both reference some type of relationship, but “Know” speaks to secret infidelity and “Smile More” addresses a more love-based connection.

My favorite song on the album is also the most complex. “Insecurities,” the last song on the album, contains true feeling and acknowledges a topic that can define relationships.  

Currently, there seems to be a multitude of similar-sounding artists in the music industry. Bennet has set herself apart from the beginning of her career and continues to stray away from the normal standard for music production.  

Within her music, I hear compassion and a love for the sound of music more than just the aesthetic of gaining fame. Syd Tha Kyd has already collected a large following from her group collaborations, but as a solo artist, I can see Bennet continuing to create music that incites creativity and originality.


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