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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Take away Fall Break, give a full week at Thanksgiving, Mercer!

Let me start by saying that Fall Break has been a glorious phenomenon, so I would never trade that away. I have loved these few days off, because I was able to take a trip to see my sister, who is pregnant with her and her husband’s first child.
I’m going to be an uncle to a little nephew, so I couldn’t be more excited.
However, that actual Fall Break time away has always hurt me and my work effort a little. What do I mean? Well, I’ll explain.
Midterms exist, regardless of Fall Break or not. The tests or essays that accompany these awesome few days off are going to happen.
However, I would not be complaining if there wasn’t a break. The major problem that I see is the timing.
Giving us two days off now and then making us have to come two days during Thanksgiving break is just silly. Combine the breaks! Why?
For one, I know I am not the only one who has classes that tend to have just a few assignments that are worth a lot more.
More often than not, these assignments start after Fall Break, but midterms or some other assignment happen right before.
In some other occasions, I have a massive amount of work that surrounds both sides of Fall Break. The break in work flow and classes just doesn’t help. This break actually limits my productivity.
Yes, I know I don’t have to take a break. Yes, I know I don’t have to limit my work over those days. Yes, I know I don’t have to rest and recuperate, but there are no classes and work.
It definitely puts me in a mood not to work. This mood is not beneficial to my grades.
You can claim that I am deflecting the blame for my work ethic on someone else, and that might be true.
However, I would much rather have a full week of work and see those two days off transferred to Thanksgiving week.
A full week off there would be great to rest before finals, and the tests that happen right after Fall Break will just be after another week of work instead.
To me, this would be best. Yes, the ability to do mission trips and a vacation with friends might be limited due to the timing of Thanksgiving, but I feel that people who want to do mission trips would be able to accomplish a lot on the weekends during the semester and could sacrifice Thanksgiving to do so if they wanted.
Many will disagree with me, saying that this is just me ranting, but I feel that a full week at Thanksgiving would be a great fix to the schedule.
Fall Break has never done much for me beyond delaying my work schedule.
I feel that overall productivity on campus would go up if Fall Break was erased in favor of a longer Thanksgiving, enough said.

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