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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021

Tears of joy from D.R.A.M.’s “Big Baby D.R.A.M.”

Big Baby D.R.A.M. album cover by Boootleg
Big Baby D.R.A.M. album cover by Boootleg

The artist behind “Broccoli” and “Cha Cha” has come out with more than two songs.

On Oct. 21, Atlantic Records artist Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith, a.k.a. D.R.A.M., released his first studio album entitled “Big Baby D.R.A.M.”

His single “Broccoli” has already gone double platinum since its release in the summer of 2016, causing conversation to erupt about his ensuing album.

D.R.A.M. begins his album with a song called “Get it Myself” to let his fans and the music community know he began his journey to stardom and musical reverence from his Hampton Virginia beginnings.

Signing with Atlantic Records provides D.R.A.M. with access to a multitude of artists to collaborate within and outside of the record company. D.R.A.M. has come in contact with Def Jam mastermind Rick Rubin, crediting him with inspiration for several songs on his debut album.

“I think a few of the ideas that’s on the album actually stem from the sessions over there,” D.R.A.M. said, discussing the studio sessions he spent with Rubin in an interview with the radio show The Breakfast Club.

The artists presented in the album range from soulful juggernauts such as Erykah Badu to trap hip-hop stars like Young Thug. Their creative combinations with D.R.A.M. lead to a unique style of music that emits a feeling of likeability and appreciation of many forms of music.

The level of musicality presented in this album stems from the eclectic style that D.R.A.M. embodies. Producers such as Donnie Trumpet and Massenburg-Smith both strive to reinvent the genre of music they represent.

The combination of R&B and hip-hop are blended beautifully on the album, and songs like “Monticello Ave” provide a smooth ’80s-style hip-hop beat with modern lyrics.

Songs like “In a Minute,” “Broccoli” and “Cash Machine” all provide insight into the party-oriented atmosphere D.R.A.M.’s music can inspire.

Contrarily, “100%,” my favorite song on the album (I’m undeniably a sucker for sappy music), emulates the R&B style D.R.A.M. is able to accomplish just as successfully. “100%” discusses why it is important to put your best effort into a relationship because what you put in is what you reap. A piano track accompanied with a snare and bass drum set the tone of the song, and the relatability of lyrics such as “Not 99 but you keep it 100, 100% / That’s because you give me your love, your loving,” emulate the emotion and care necessary for any successful relationship.

Stylistically, D.R.A.M. is uncomparable to any artist other than Chance the Rapper, and his fame continues to grow as his music gains recognition. Just like his song states, D.R.A.M.’s continued success should propel him to international fame “In a Minute.”


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