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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

The best couples to grace your T.V. screen

Valentine’s Day is either a day of whirlwind romance with your significant other or a day to binge on Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. For those lonely souls who will be finding solace in entertainment, there are some great character couples to be found in movies, books, television and video games. Regardless of what your relationship status may be, it is easy to appreciate these fictional couples.



Marshall & Lily (“How I Met Your Mother”)

There are sweet couples, and then there are couples who are so sickeningly sweet that they could make you sick to your stomach. Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) are the latter, perhaps to the furthest extreme. Despite this, they are so sincere in their affections that anyone who watches the ups and downs of their relationship feels a connection with them. Always precious and mindful of each other’s feelings, Marshall and Lily are a modern couple that does not fall into the sitcom couple cliches while remaining completely endearing.


Theodore & Samantha (“Her”)


A romance for the “Siri-generation,” “Her” is the story of Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) and his budding relationship with his computer operating system Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), written and directed by Academy Award nominee Spike Jonze. A relationship between a human being and an inanimate object, no matter if it is powered by artificial intelligence, may seem like an odd choice as a great couple. However, the relationship between Twombly and Samantha, while perhaps out of desperation, is one that brings a genuine happiness and explores the complexities of relationships and what it means to be human. Any relationship that makes you think that much has to be one worth watching.



Princess Peach & Bowser (“Super Mario Bros. Series”)

That is right, Princess Peach and Mario do not make a great couple, but Peach and her supposed captor Bowser do. Does it not strike anyone as odd that Princess Peach seems to always be captured by the king of the Koopa? She has proven to be able to hold her own in titles such as “Super Mario Bros. 2,” yet she consistently is imprisoned by Bowser. The only possible explanations are either that she likes playing hard to get for Mario or that she and Bowser are secretly a couple. Relationships between princesses and dragon/turtle creatures are frowned upon in our society, and the same probably rings true in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even with the negative stigma, nothing can separate the two royals.


Sherlock Holmes & James Moriarty (“Sherlock”)


These two are a couple, right? There is plenty of fan fiction on the internet (and on the show for that matter) that makes them out to be one. Co-creator of the show Steven Moffat has not helped matters with season three, but perhaps he is trying to say something. Sure, the two sociopaths are constantly at odds with one another in an endless cat and mouse game of life and death, but that is what love is all about. As Pat Benatar sang, love is indeed a battlefield.



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