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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Three Halloween treats to make in your dorm

Forgetting that you don’t actually have a kitchen, you volunteered to make Halloween treats for the people who live on your hall this season. Instead of settling for store bought cookies, these three easy, spooky and dorm-friendly recipes are sure to impress everyone.


Witch Brooms

This is probably the easiest treat to make if you don’t have a lot of time. It takes about 10-15 minutes to make these, and they are really cute.


1 bag of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups

1 bag of pretzel sticks


  1. Unwrap peanut butter cups

  2. Turn one peanut butter cup upside down and poke a pretzel stick through the bottom



Witches’ Hats

These Witches’ Hats are almost made entirely out of chocolate, and they pair really well with Witch Brooms.


1 package of chocolate striped cookies (or oreos)

1 tube of orange decorating icing

1 bag of Hershey’s kisses


  1. If using chocolate striped cookies place them on a plate with the striped side down

  2. Cover the bottom of a Hershey’s kiss with orange frosting

  3. Place the kiss in the center of the cookie and press down so that the icing forms an orange band around the kiss



Chocolate Bats

This treat takes a little more time than the other two, but it is still easy to make in your dorm room. It also contains some ingredients that are used in the other two recipes, so it will fit your budget.


1 bag of miniature Reese’s cups

1 package of thin oreo cookies

1 tube of white decorating icing

1 package of edible eyes


  1. Unwrap Reese’s cups

  2. Break the Oreos in half and separate so that one cookie gives you four bat wings

  3. Scrape the icing off of the Oreos and discard (or eat)

  4. Use the tube of decorating icing to pipe icing onto the back corners of the cookie pieces

  5. Press one cookie piece onto the left of a Reese’s cup and one cookie piece on the right

  6. Pipe icing onto the back of two edible eyes and place in the middle of the Reese’s cup



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