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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Two Macon police officers accused of weapon theft, resign from force

On Thursday, Feb. 14, the Macon Police Department released a statement saying MPD officers Jonathan Wesley Graves and Adolphus Jones were arrested. The 26-year-old Graves and 27-year-old Jones were arrested due to incidents involving firearm theft.
According to the warrant, Graves and Jones are accused of taking a 9 mm pistol from a Mumford Road apartment Aug. 21, 2012. The two then went to a dirt road near Mumford Road and fired the gun until it was empty. Afterward, they discarded it into a metal trash bin near Montpelier Avenue.
Jonathan Graves is charged with two counts of fiduciary theft, and a violation of oath of office. He was arrested and had his bond set at $13,800. Adolphus Jones is charged with one count of fiduciary theft and violation of oath of office. He was arrested, as well, and had his bond set at $9,750.
Both officers were released after meeting their bond requirements. Both have also since resigned pending 5-day termination.
Macon Police Department Chief Mike Burns released a statement in relation to the event.
“The actions of the officers involved in these thefts are disgraceful and will not be tolerated.” Burns said. “Beyond fiduciary crimes, they violated the sacred oath of office taken by every Macon Police officer. The many fine officers in this department are saddened by the actions of their colleagues as they continue to work diligently to protect the citizens of Macon.”
Graves had been previously arrested due to two incidents occurring on Nov. 6, 2011, and June 16, 2012.
In both incidents, Graves removed a firearm that had been recovered in an investigation, reported it lost and gave it as a gift to another

person. Graves allegedly found a small .380- caliber Cobra handgun that had been reported missing seven months earlier. According the arrest warrant, he then gave the gun to a relative as a gift instead of turning it in.
A separate warrant indicates, on Nov. 6, 2011, Graves was accused of taking a .25-caliber gun from two suspects. He then gave the gun to a relative as a gift.
Graves had been reported for other complaints in the past, including one incident where he was drinking at a local bar while off duty and allegedly handcuffed himself. He was not in possession of the key, and another officer had to release him from the

handcuffs. No discipline was imposed for this action.
Jones had received verbal counseling in March 2012 after a traffic accident. He also failed to appear at Municipal Court in relation to that event.
Police records show that both Graves and Jones were hired to the Macon Police Department in 2010.
This weapons theft comes three weeks after two officers, Troy Guidry and Jon Wantz, were charged with violation of oath of office, theft, trespassing, and burglary. According to arrest records and warrants, they broke into a doctor’s office and stole a tractor. Both resigned after their arrests.


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