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Monday, Sep 27, 2021

What ever happened to the hoop-shooting Air Bud?

I was recently perusing the aisles of MovieStop the other day and happened upon a used copy of Air Bud. I haven’t watched that movie in forever, but it was definitely one of my favorites when I was a kid. One of my favorite parts was when the kid would set out a bunch of pudding cups so that Air Bud would come out from the bush he was hiding in.
It’s such a heart-warming tale, isn’t it? I sure thought so. I contemplated buying it, but in the end thought, “ehhh, better not.” I put the movie back on the shelf and bought The Breakfast Club instead.
However, as I was leaving the store, I couldn’t help but think, “what ever happened to Air Bud, anyway?” I think that is a valuable question to ask oneself. After all, we get all of these movies about Air Bud’s kids unrealistically traveling to space and what not, but what ever happened to Air Bud? Did his basketball career take off? Did he choose to stay at home as a trusty lap dog?
Well, I finally found the answer on the interwebs. According to a rather reliable news source, Air Bud came out of retirement. He “has signed a one-year contract for an undisclosed amount with Kolossos Rodou B.C., a mid-level club in the Greek Basket League.”
Well look at you, Air Bud, making something out of yourself. Personally, I always knew you could do it. You had the best jump shot on the court!
Air “Bud” Buddy even has himself his own agent. Buddy’s agent released a statement saying, “He [Air Bud] looks forward to meeting the fans and making whatever contribution the team asks of him, whether it’s sinking his patented three-point ‘muzzle shots’ or helping young Hellenic players find the confidence to believe in themselves.”
Unfortunately, the basketball playing golden retriever will not be starting, but Buddy has not let that put him down. Critics have stated that “the dog might simply be unable to quit the spotlight” and really know when to throw in the towel.
I would have to agree with the critics and say that I think the aging dog should just take it easy and be content with living in the literal lap of luxury, having his owner scratch behind his ears.
But since I have no real say in what Buddy does, I have to sit back and watch the ‘budding’ career that Buddy has begun in his old age.
For one thing, Buddy is reported as doing wonders for the team on and off the court. He’s a real asset to his team. “‘Like all dogs, Buddy only knows one speed -- all out,’ ESPN basketball correspondent John Hollinger said” in a recent interview. Buddy may be givin’ his all, but unfortunately his all is not what it used to be. “At press time, Buddy had played only six minutes in Sunday’s loss to Kavala, scoring five points in 2-for-5 shooting from the floor, earning two assists, and greatly helping fellow American expatriate player Ruben Boykin deal with his homesickness issues.”
I believe Air Bud has held true to his roots by signing a contract with a foreign team. He is doing something that he loves while also helping his teammates in way that a human counterpart is incapable of. We could all learn a lot from the spirit that Air Bud shows on and off the court. He shows great determination to reach seemingly unattainable goals, while still maintaining a positive attitude.
Personally, I just hope they don’t make another one of those dang Air Bud puppy movies.


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