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Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

What to Wear for Graduation


Talmage is pictured second from the left.

  Graduation is right around the corner (sorry for the reminder), and on top of the long to-do list that already stretches for miles, what to wear for the big day is a looming question.

The Mercer website provides a concise (and vague) description: “Men should wear dark slacks, dark shoes, and a shirt with a white collar. Women should wear comfortable dark dress shoes with a dress or skirt that does not show below the gown, or dark slacks and a blouse.”

Though fairly restricting, these requirements do leave a little bit of wiggle room. Business Insider offers plenty of resources about men’s business attire. The most formal color for men’s shoes is black, which goes with black, grey, or navy slacks; just stay away from brown.

They also offer tips on which options are traditional versus fashion-forward. For women’s dresses, the gown is sufficiently long for just about any dress that is not full-length prom or ballgown.

Fortunately, Mercer’s commencement ceremony will be indoors, in Hawkins Arena, so the dress does not necessarily have reflect the weather. And the best news ever: the color of the dress is not restricted! As long as what shows beneath the gown (shoes and slacks) are dark and unobtrusive, the dress or skirt can be whatever color you want.

One blogger for CollegeFashion gave the tip to wear something sleek, since the bulk of the gown can look awkward with something bulky beneath it. Go for something mature, to show your preparedness for the “real world,” but don’t be afraid to add a little spunk.

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