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Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

Wifi upgrades and more seating coming soon to Tarver Library

Tarver Library is set to make some renovations to the main floor in the near future.

During the Student Government Association meeting on Oct. 16, Dean of the Library Beth Hammond spoke to the senators about the upcoming renovations in Jack Tarver Library.

She said that all of the furniture on the main floor will be replaced with “actual computer tables and chairs” as well as softer seating, bench seating, banquette seating, and high-top tables.

She also said that approximately 200 students voted on which chairs to use.

Jenna Eason
The Jack Tarver Library at Mercer University plans for upcoming renovations on their main floor including new chairs and computer tables.

All of the shelving on the main floor will be replaced with neutral, wooden shelves.

Hammond said that Tarver administration is currently working with an interior design team that has been involved with other Mercer projects over the years to complete these renovations.

She said that the main goal of the renovation project is to make Tarver "as comfortable as [it] can get" for students. This includes adding as much seating as possible, "because we know how crowded the building is."

Efforts will include adding more power outlets in the library.

“Almost all the furniture will have power connectivity in it,” she said. “We're also going to upgrade the Wi-Fi.”

The senate met this announcement with applause during the meeting.

Hammond estimated that around $32,000 will be spent on increasing connectivity in the Library.

She also said that the first and third floors will not be changed aside from the addition of some whiteboards in the Einstein’s study rooms as well as the opening of four more study rooms on the third floor.

She hopes that this “big-scale pilot project” will also help recruit potential students visiting Mercer’s campus.

These renovations are set to be completed over spring break.

Sophomore Sen. Adam Penland, Chair of Fiscal Affairs Committee, asked about the “possibility of opening the first floor to be a 24-hour study space” with “a permanent gate fixed to the stairwell” for security.

Hammond said that security issues and possible fire code violations make additional 24-hour study space inconceivable for now.

She also said that students don't often utilize existing 24-hour spaces past 2 a.m., so the library administration wanted to address some more pressing issues first. Extending library hours has been considered as an alternative.

She acknowledged that keeping Tarver open later is "the best long-term solution, but we just don't know how we're going to get there."

Extending library hours or installing more 24/7 space, she said, “would be a Phase 2 or Phase 3 [project].”

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