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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

Workout DVDs: Lose weight after the holidays

The workout video is one of the most unique forms of home entertainment. It is meant for someone who does not have enough time to go out and get exercise to stay fit. Imagine the plight of an overworked homemaker with three screaming children grabbing onto her pants leg. She cannot leave the children alone to go to the gym twice a week. So what is she to do? Bring the gym home to her!
That is what these videos do: bring the skill and experience of a fitness instructor right into the living room. There are many types of workout genres, two of which stand out the most.
Yoga is a form of exercise that has grown in popularity over the years. It is rooted in ancient Indian spiritual practices, but in the modern mindset, it is an exercise.
Yoga seems like it could be difficult, but the majority of the videos take the time to ease the viewer into the techniques. The most accessible from this genre was “Yoga for Beginners” and “Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown.”
In looking at the various videos for this article, a surprising subgenre of work out videos quickly made itself apparent. Pregnancy Workouts. I honestly did not know that such things existed.
I had assumed that exercise would be dangerous for the baby, not so according to the various videos in this category. Exercise during pregnancy can aid in the development of the fetus and reduce the damage done to the mother’s body during childbirth, as well as alleviate stretch marks.
“Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts” seemed like a good video. It was very basic and easy to understand, but as a male, I may not be the best judge.
Many of the videos from the various genres fall into a category of rather questionable content. These are the videos that teach things such as various pole-dancing techniques and belly dancing. These videos could possibly get a person fired for watching them at work.
The main fault of these videos is that they have attractive women in skimpy outfits teaching the dances instead of the one person that everyone who watches workout videos wants to see. In fact, the greatest shortcoming of all of the videos was that most of them lacked Richard Simmons.
If there is one thing that everyone must know about workout videos, it is that Richard Simmons is the god of the genre. The man is skilled, and can teach the techniques in an easy to replicate manner, but that is not why he is the genre god.
He is genuinely entertaining. He has a large amount of screen charisma that is only matched by his seemingly endless amount of energy.
When I was a child, the woman who ran the daycare center I stayed at would put tapes on for us to watch. The most popular video among a group of three to six years olds was a Richard Simmons tape. The man beat out Barney in that daycare. True story.


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