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Saturday, Sep 30, 2023
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Arts & Culture


Here’s what it’s like to be an Honor Council Justice

While a warning about the Honor Council is included in nearly all syllabi, the experience of what it’s like to be an Honor Council Justice and what the Honor Council really does is shrouded in a kind of mystery. Part of that is because there are only three types of students who can attend Honor Council ...


Five scholarships for LGBTQIA+ students

There are a wide range of scholarships available for numerous different categories, including university, field of study or demographic. For students who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community, here are five scholarships to consider applying to. The Point Scholarship The Point Foundation provides scholarships ...


Making the most out of your Instant Pot

Like many college students, my food budget is somewhat limited. So when Instant Pots first started getting popular, I was skeptical. They cost between $50 and $100, and I couldn’t see them being very useful. I assumed that it would just take up the already limited space in my dorm. However, after ...


Finding inspiration after losing it

Living in a world permeated by COVID-19 has affected many areas of our lives. Our health, education and occupations have changed in some capacity, making many of us wonder what is next. This sort of questioning has affected the way in which many people go about their lives. Uncertainty leads to a lack ...

Arts & Culture

Musical artists to watch out for in 2021

2020 was undeniably rough, stripping us of too many of the things we hold dear, including live concerts—but music prevailed. The following artists, both new and rising, have produced incredible work you should be adding to your playlists, especially as they promise to break through in the coming year. Arlo ...

Arts & Culture

McEachern holds thesis exhibits for MFA graduates 

Mercer University’s McEachern Art Center has offered its space to a choice group of MFA graduates to exhibit their theses and tell their stories. Each exhibit offers a glimpse into the artists’ worlds, and each piece has a unique story to share. Additionally, the McEachern hosts “artist talks,” ...


Trying TikTok recipes in a college dorm

I have always been fascinated by TikTok chefs. The 60-second video limit means the dishes come together in an instant through the magic of time-lapse videos and jump cuts, and I can’t get enough. This week, I decided to move from just watching TikTok recipes to actually trying some. Here are three ...


Black-owned businesses on Mercer's campus you need to buy from

Black History Month is not just for commemorating the history of Black America. This is a month of honor, allowing us to showcase the raw, intricate and prominent beauty of blackness. It’s important that within this month we acknowledge and support Black people, and one way of doing that is by supporting ...

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