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Thursday, Dec 1, 2022


The Setonian

Wear what you want, but think about covering up a little

I confess that I wear yoga pants. Since I am a 20-something-year-old female college student, this statement is probably not a surprising one. After all, when you step outside of your residence hall in the morning, you see more yoga pants than blue jeans, khakis, jeggings or dresses. Yoga pants might ...


Pilgrimage to Penfield: A senior's perspective

I never went to Pilgrimage to Penfield as a freshman. I’m not sure why I skipped it, but it probably had to do with me thinking I was too cool to go, and that the trip wouldn’t be fun. It’s a silly attitude to have, but a lot of freshman start college thinking that having school spirit isn’t ...


Ebola: Fear for the lives of those who actually have to face it

Ebola is a pretty hot topic right now. It’s deadly, it’s fairly recent, and it’s scary. Honestly, however, it is also a non-factor for most Americans. With only three people in America having been diagnosed with Ebola at this point, many of the corresponding freakouts from people within the United ...


All meal plans are not created equal

Like all ideas, it started as a well intentioned plan to make things better. Honestly, it was a brilliant idea when I first heard about it at the beginning of the semester. Well, when I first saw it, I should say. The sign stood in all of its shimmering glory inside of the University Center. It had ...


Climate change: thinking of our days after tomorrow

The movie “The Day After Tomorrow” follows Jack Hall, a paleoclimatologist, on his a journey across America to reach his son. The road to saving his son is filled with a range of dangers that bring him to his limits. The largest and worst of his obstacles is the plague of a new Ice Age brought on ...

The Setonian

Don't be a bystander: Campus rape culture

Rape. It’s a word that too many people today use lightly, and usually as the butt of a joke. “Man, I just got raped by that test.” or “You should take it as a compliment. It means somebody likes you.” Except it’s not a compliment. It’s a violation. Its very meaning is “to take, or to ...


Mars: The answers may lie in the stars

The recent collaboration of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Indian Space Research Organization (IRSO) has re-sparked a worldwide interest in space exploration. On Sept. 30, representatives from the two organizations announced their plans to launch a cooperative mission ...

The Setonian

The importance of a united faith community

As I enter into the rush of midterms during my second-to-last semester of college, I can’t help but to reflect on the events that have shaped my Mercer experience. From football games to Pilgrimage to Penfield to Mercer Service Saturdays, there’s just so much to experience in our own little bubble ...

Local News

Bear Bites: Stirring Things Up with Ginger Stir-Fry

Downtown Macon is a almost a city of its own with its charming stores, dazzling nightlife, artsy culture and delicious restaurants. There is something for everyone downtown; the hard part is deciding what to do and when to do it. Among this variety of fun and activities lies Ginger Stir-Fry, a modern ...

The Setonian

Building leadership: America's global role

It is a big and busy world out there beyond the shores of the red, white, and blue. When you are involved with your studies in undergrad, medical school, law school or some other program, it can be easy to miss what is going on. When you do catch a bit of news, it can be upsetting—and I’m not talking ...


Building Communities

Shortly before the entry of United States into the First World War, President Woodrow Wilson addressed the nation and spoke of a peace without victory, the titular phrase of the speech. In his speech, he said, “only peace with equals may last”; the alternative is a peace through submission, and ...


President Obama should seek Congress approval

In 2008, the war-weary American public elected Democrat Barack Obama by a sweeping 7 percent margin that saw the Illinois senator winning a landslide 365 electoral votes to Republican John McCain’s 173. Obama ran up huge margins in states that Democrat John Kerry had barely managed to hold four years ...


Why I will not support the NFL

I’m sure that by now, almost every person with access to the Internet or television has heard about the Ray Rice scandal. In recent days, even more players have been arrested on various abuse or domestic violence charges. However, in spite of these incidents, a recent poll conducted by NBC News shows ...


Join 'Internet Slowdown'

On an ordinary day, you can find me scrolling on Tumblr laughing along to the random things in my feed, but the other day, I noticed that Tumblr had changed. Normally, this is nothing unusual. Tumblr often alters its icons and layout for obscure holidays like Doughnut Day. However, this was not the ...


Medical marijuana: blurring the lines

Medical marijuana, also referred to as cannabis, is a topic in the medical and drug field that brings up much debate over whether or not it should be legalized in all of the states. Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and Washington D.C. Currently only two states have legalized marijuana for recreational ...


Comparing killings in Macon and Ferguson

  Ferguson, Missouri and Macon, Georgia have both seen killings by white police officers of large, unarmed black men apparently acting erratically and, to varying degrees, threateningly.  Some responses to the killing in Jefferson of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, both by looting protesters and militaristic ...


Democrats should be worried

Democrats should be worried; their Senate control is standing on thin ice that is beginning to crack. Currently, the Democrats have 55 seats (including two independents), and the Republicans have 45. To gain control, Republicans will need to pick up six seats. This is to avoid a tie, which would be ...


Sorority life: Post-grad

I will be the first to admit that I did not truly appreciate being a sorority member my freshman year. It was fun and all, but toward the end of my freshman year - when I would leave Mercer - I was disillusioned. It is the same as any family unit; there will be times when you are done with one another. ...


Experience versus memory: In defense of memory

When I was growing up, my mother always had a camera on her to take pictures. She took pictures of my first Christmas, my first steps, my first words, the first time I read a book by myself and my first, second, third and 100th day at school. She took pictures of birthday parties, weddings, celebrations, ...

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