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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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Opinion: the rise and grind culture leads to a toxic mindset

It’s no surprise to anyone that our society fixates on toxic and bizarre habits, nor is there a lack of justified criticism of those habits. However, one new culture has been popular for a while and surprisingly seems to have gone largely criticized, but has also been praised and accepted: the rise ...


Opinion: Dating Apps Are Destructive

The way we find love is changing, especially for my generation. Once upon a time, courting a prospective lover by eye-contact, love letters or (gasp) conversation was preferable. Now we swipe left or right concerning one thing above all else: image. According to Lendedu, 72 percent of millennials ...


Opinion: It is time for better food at Mercer

I have had some very bad luck with the food on campus lately. Within the last six months, I have had mixed up orders, extremely long waits, not great tasting and undercooked food and in one case, I found bugs in my food. I understand that Mercer might not want to invest too heavily in food for its students, ...


Opinion: You should reconsider pledging to Greek life

Everyone wants to fit in. I know I did at one point in time. This natural human urge may explain why Greek life is a vibrant part of hundreds of campuses across America. This desire exposes itself especially when we enter new environments. During the first few weeks of my freshman year, I witnessed ...


Opinion: 3 easy steps to be more sustainable

Being passionate about the environment is very frustrating. It seems like at every corner, there is opposition and resistance that only furthers the climate change problem. The President of the United States has openly expressed his disbelief in climate change. Companies in various industries continue ...


Opinion: What is on or off campus?

As a freshman on Mercer University’s campus, you are brought into a mandatory meeting where various people of authority positions come to talk to you about a number of things. From club involvement to what times the caf is open, nothing is left out. Near the end of this discussion, freshmen are ...


Have recent changes to Greek recruitment been positive?

This will be my second year going through recruitment as a member of a Greek organization. I have enjoyed every moment with my sisters — from being recruited to doing the recruiting. But over the last three years of my Greek life participation, recruitment has definitely changed. Since I was a freshman ...


Mercer education, worth the cost

I pondered the question, “What do we actually pay for?” a lot after reading the article in The Cluster a few weeks ago. After searching, I believe I now have that answer. Though it is just an opinion, and I could be wrong, I will throw out a few facts to back up my argument. I realize that as a ...


The not-so-smart smartwatch trend, a disappointment

When the iPhone was announced back in 2007, it was a revolutionary breakthrough in the mobile market. That momentum accelerated when the iPad was announced in 2010. It became the next big thing. Today, we have smartwatches, which are being considered the most personable device. Yet, after testing ...


Spotify vs Apple Music

My freshman year of college I learned that a subscription to a music streaming service was almost as essential as buying books. It is what kept me going during the all-nighters and my long walks across the campus at 8 a.m. were much better with the newest music from Drake or Ryan Adams. I love music, ...

The Setonian
Letters to the Editor

Turn out to Turbovote

Nov. 4, 2014, is more than just a day to vote; it is a day to express your voice, to make your opinions heard and to exercise your right to have a say in who represents your interests in both state and national government. There is an undeniable feeling of patriotism involved in walking into the polling ...

The Setonian

Cafeteria reusable containers come with unnecessary price

The recycling bug has bit at Mercer. What with Trayless Tuesdays in the cafeteria to cut down on water waste and the newly implemented dorm recycling containers located outside the lofts, freshman dorms and the apartments, Mercer is abuzz with recycling programs. In fact, just last week the Environmental, ...

The Setonian

Compromise, the illness of the political sphere

What is it that makes a good politician?  Rather, what character traits make it possible for someone to be elected? It would be nice to think that integrity is what impresses voters. However, one does not need to look too far in the past to see how easily and quickly elected officials forget about ...

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