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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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Macon’s newest club opens downtown

Listen up, Mercer partiers: Macon’s downtown club scene is about to get a bit more wild and exciting as the city’s largest club first opens its doors at 9 PM on March 4th for Macon’s First Friday event.

Element Nightclub, located at 425 Cherry St., aims to be Macon’s newest nightlife hotspot, and with two DJs, a state of the art lighting, sound, and video system, and three separate rooms, each designed to offer a unique experience, it’s looking like the club will certainly live up to its aspirations.

“It’s a new element coming to Macon. We’re looking for a quality crowd, one that is looking for a quality place to go out,” said promoter Howie Handsel of 4 Godfathers Promotions, LLC.

The company, which was also behind Macon’s GRAB’n Go card, has been tasked with promoting the young club.

One of the biggest draws to Element Nightclub is its three-room setup. Each of its rooms is based on one of the four classical elements: water, fire, earth, and air. The front room represents water and features an inviting and relaxing lounge atmosphere, complete with a jukebox that patrons can select. For those that simply want to relax and chill with friends,

The club’s second room is themed around fire, and will feature a rotation of top 40’s hits as well as a state-of-the-art video system that promises to entrance patrons.

On the club’s opening night, VJ Rix, who some Mercer students may know from his work at the Powerstation, will be DJing the fire room.

As dancers move further into the building, they’ll discover the back room, themed around earth and featuring a high-energy dubstep.

Finally, the walkway between the individual rooms is themed around the fourth element, air.

Becasue both the fire and earth rooms are themed around different musical genres, Element Nightclub will staff two DJs every night, one for each room, in order to ensure that customers recieve a variety of quality entertainment no matter where their musical proclivities lie.

“There’s never been a club this size in Macon before. It’s hue, and it has an awesome level of entertainment,” said Handsel.

In addition to the three themed dance rooms, Element Nightclub includes a VIP section.

To promote the club, its owners have printed up one thousand passes granting free admission to the club for one night. I strongly recommend that anyone who manages to find one of these cards check out the club on its opening night.

In fact, everyone should check it out, regardless of whether or not they have a ticket.

Element Nightclub’s web presence can be found at and Expect both sites to offer the latest news and promotions for the new club.

Cover charge is $5 for patrons 21 and over, while entrance will cost $10 for those over 18. The club strictly excludes anyone under the age of 18.

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