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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Police beat roundup: Jan.-Feb.

Mercer Police received a total of 14 emergency calls during the months of January, February.

Jan. 31: A student reported her vehicle was missing. The car turned out to be stolen. Macon Police recovered the car at a local apartment complex. The ignition was damaged and several items were missing from the vehicle.

Feb. 3: A student reported his vehicle had been entered illegally and his iPod stolen.

Feb. 5: Officers responded to a domestic dispute.

Feb. 8: Officers received a report of a suspected marijuana smell in a dorm room. Investigation found several articles of drug paraphernalia.

Feb. 12: A student reported a baseball had damaged her vehicle window.

Feb. 13: Officers responded to a call involving a student who had been hit by another student on the Asylum trolley.

Feb. 14: Officers answered a call regarding a broken window in a new building. An investigation revealed underage drinking had taken place.  Further investigation revealed who allegedly threw the object that broke the window.

Feb. 14: Officers answered an alarm and determined a balloon had floated past the sensors and set it off.

Feb. 18: A student reported her car tag/license plate had been stolen.

Feb. 18: Miss Molly the trolley caught fire on Stadium Drive near the Hilton Hotel.

Feb. 22: A student reported a leg brace was stolen from the hall outside his room. He had left it there to dry.

Feb. 22: A student was seen directing a laser toward the sky. The laser was confiscated. The FAA has reported in the past of compromised air safety and damage to pilots’ eyesight from lasers used in similar fashion.

Feb. 23: A smoke detector in one of the buildings being constructed was activated by drywall dust in the air.

Feb. 26: A student reported she either lost her laptop or someone stole it. It was later found by another student who returned it to Mercer Police. Officers then returned it to the student who reported it missing.

To report a crime or incident, call Mercer Police at 478-301-4357 (HELP)

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