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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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Mercer joins prestigious Stamps Scholars Program

On Jan. 11, Mercer University anounced that Mercer will be joining 24 institutions across the country as a participant in the prestigious Stamps Scholars Program, funded by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation Inc.

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation Inc. is composed of E. Roe Stamps IV and his wife, Penelope W. Stamps.

E. Roe Stamps IV was raised in Macon, graduated from Stratford Academy and attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where he graduated with a Bachelors degree (’67) and a Masters degree (’72).

 Following his schooling at Georgia Institute of Technology, in 1974, Stamps received a Master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School.

According to a recent Mercer press release, since then “Stamps has had a remarkable career as a venture capitalist and is a co-founder and managing partner of Summit Partners in Boston.”

His wife, Penelope W. Stamps, has devoted a great deal of her time to various charities, most of which include involvement with private elementary and secondary schools and other community and arts organizations in South Florida. 

“Inspired by the impact that our university experiences have had on our own lives,” the Stamps family, explaining the reason they began the Stamps Scholars Program, stated, “we have chosen to support exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education…. It is our hope that today’s Stamps Scholars will become mentors and supporters of the next generation of promising young students.”

Fall 2012 will welcome in five Mercer freshmen who have been designated as Stamps Scholars.

For designating Stamps Scholars, Mercer’s Stamps Committee recommends a select number of applicants as semifinalists. The semifinalists receive a supplemental application and will be invited to Mercer’s campus to be interviewed by the Committee.

Within a month of their interview, the finalists will be notified of their Stamps Scholars status.

For the inaugural year of participation in the Stamps Scholars Program, only five members of Mercer’s freshman class will be awarded.

However, when the program is fully implemented, 10 members of each freshman class will be designated as Stamps Scholars.

According to Mercer’s sub-website,, “Students selected for the Stamps Scholars Program will be among the highest achieving applicants in the entering class.”

This program emphasizes individuals who take an initiative in activities including, but not limited to, engaging in philanthropic efforts around the world to conducting research that demonstrates a passion to improve local communities.

Mercer Stamps Scholars will receive “Full Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Book Allowance, and a $4,000 Enrichment Stipend (to support Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research and Unpaid Internships).”

President William D. Underwood, in a recent interview, stated, “Mercer has a well-established reputation for attracting some of the most capable and talented students in the country.

“The Stamps Scholars Program will allow us to provide further incentives to encourage the brightest students to enroll at the University. I am very grateful to Roe and Penny Stamps and the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation for bringing Mercer into this outstanding program.”

More than 200 students are enrolled as Stamps Scholars at participating institutions such as The University of Chicago, California Institute of Technology, Purdue, Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia. Mercer is now among those schools in this prestigious program.

Beginning next fall, select Mercer freshman will be the first of the University’s Stamps Scholars.

It will become full implemented, giving even more incoming freshman the opportunity to apply to be Stamps Scholars and enroll in the program.

E. Roe Stamps IV, in a recent interview, said, “We welcome Mercer University to the Stamps Scholars Program, given its proud tradition, emphasis on learning, discovery, service and investment in undergraduate education. We look forward to future Bears becoming Stamps Scholars this fall.”


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