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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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QuadWorks annual Boo Bears event a hit for Valentine's Day

On the Monday before Valentine’s Day, QuadWorks organized the annual Boo Bears event. This is a time designed to allow Mercer students to create a stuffed animal of their choice at no cost. 

A great part about planning the Boo Bears on Feb. 13, is it gives students a chance to make something cute for the ones they love, especially if they haven’t had time to plan and prep for Valentine’s Day.  Not to mention it is free.

Megan Norkunas was excited to make a bear and give it to her boyfriend. “I’m doing it because it’s free,” she said.

Hannah Watson, one of the co-coordinators of the event, said “This is tradition. Every year we do this and we were really excited about it. It’s a really fun event for the semester.”

Watson also agreed that it was one of her favorite events. It seemed to be a fairly simple process, Hannah said that as far as organization goes “We just get the company and chose the animals we think will be most popular.”

The event was a huge hit with the students present. The room was bustling with people and squeals of excitement as they found their choice animal. The space was set up so that students could proceed from the hallway into the room and pick up their choice animal, a soul (for their creature), a sound effect and a t-shirt that said, “Someone at Mercer loves me.”

 Then the students would continue on to one of the circles of chairs surrounding a box of fluff to fill and create their animal.

The options of animals seemed endless. There were bears, a variety of dogs, elephants, tigers, cheetahs and even a fluffy rhino. Beyond this there were two choices for sound effects: kissing noises or children’s laughter.

From these options Tiet Hoang decided to make a bright pink and white poodle, she said, “It was for a good friend.” 

Tiet also considered naming it Pinky after its luscious coat. Most plan on either keeping their teddy or giving it away the next day to a loved one. 

Justin White decided to make one for his girlfriend simply because “she likes stuffed animals.”

 It is safe to say that if Boo Bears event stuck around for years to come students would be thrilled.

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