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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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Students seek out job advice for both part-time and full-time

Mercer University recently hosted a job search event for students who are looking for assistance in finding part-time or full-time work.

There are two kinds of Mercer job seekers. One type is looking for part-time jobs during the semester or during the summer which will be called Type I, and the other is looking for a job after graduating which are considered Type II.

Most students fall into one of these categories one time or another throughout their college years.

At the event, various ways to discover availale jobs were discussed. The simplest and easiest method for finding a job for Type I students is to check Mercer’s website.

Mercer’s students employee website is very benefitial and lists jobs that are available in addition to the hours of work they require.

Another method of finding a job is by word of mouth. Asking other students or professors if they know of any openings somewhere helps many students find part-time or summer work.

Advice for Type II students is to expand your reach and search to include places you haven’t searched before.

Companies like Microsoft hire people from technical fields to marketing and law fields.

The needs of the United Nations goes from lawyers to finance majors in addition to politics and language majors, as you might have originally thought, and there are many more organizations and companies like it.

A good place to start a job search online is which allows you to quickly and easily find jobs in any city you like.

If you are a business person then you should consider creating a linkedin profile. is social networking site aimed at business professionals. By putting yourself out there you can facilitate an opportunity to network with other professionals.Linkedin also allows you to research companies and apply for jobs listings.

A key part of your job search is crafting a good resume that not only tells a future employer who you are, but what you could be.

Liz Ryan, a job search advisor writes, “A good resume has a Point on the Arrow - it tells the reader exactly where you’re headed, why you’ve chosen that path, and how your background equips you beautifully for the course you’ve set for yourself.”

For more of her advice see

Two important things among others that Robert Half, another job search advisor, points out is that “there’s an opportunity for some creativity, but not for gimmicks.What works today is conservative style and a focus on key achievements - especially those that are of particular interest to the reader.”

Half explains that you should “never take more than two lines to list hobbies, sports and social activities. When in doubt, leave them out.”

For more tips on crafting the perfect resume, visit

A good resume has five key components according to Half.

The first is a clearly stated, job objective. The second includes highlights of your qualifications. The third is a presentation of directly relevant skills and experience. The fourth is a chronological work history, and the last is a listing of relevant education and training.

With a good, clear and organized resume a prospective employee has a better opportunity to be selected for an interview.

Once a prospective employee is given an interview opportunity, they should show up well-prepared, professionally dressed and ready to answer and ask worthwhile questions.

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