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Friday, Oct 15, 2021

Global Health class begins service learning projects

A Global health class taught by Dr. Monika Sawhney is taking the initiative and pursuing a better future for others by raising funds to fuel their projects.
The class was divided into two groups and Dr. Sawhney gave them options on what the students could do the task on.
One group chose to work on a water project in Ethiopia and the other group chose to work on a project in Uganda to set up a school.
Dr. Sawhney has been involved in similar projects during her own college experience and finds it is great character building. She already sees the project changing the students as they grow in leadership and personality
“The Uganda group has already started a chapter of the organization, Building Tomorrow, on Mercer’s campus. I am very happy that students are developing leadership qualities. I give them guidance but then I let them take the lead and take ownership,” said Dr. Sawhney.
“[The class goal] is primarily to teach people what global health is, what the issues related to global health are, what are the challenges, and what are the solutions,” said Dr. Sawhney.
The whole reason Dr. Sawhney decided to have the service learning projects attached to the class is because she feels strongly “that global health is not something you can read in a book. I wanted students to understand what implications it has in the global world.” she said.
Jasmine Blakemore is a student working on bettering the education in Uganda. She says that this is vital because “education is the foundation for everything in our world. Education has an impact on your health, an impact on the respect of community, and education also impacts self-image.
You can’t take a picture of someone lacking education, but you can take a picture of someone in poverty or hungry. That’s another reason why I believe education is such a huge issue.”
Blakemore also explained , “I am hoping that I can make a difference that is tangible and that not only has a short term effect but also long term. I’m also hoping to educate many of my peers. Many people know that Uganda is in trouble, but I don’t think many know to what extent.”
The students for this project chose to raise support for an organization they chose called Building Tomorrow.
Sterling Hill, a student working on the project, said they chose this organization because, “Building Tomorrow focuses on building schools in sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative directly impacts the well-being of not only the children of sub-Saharan Africa, but the entire population,” said Hill.
Through this foundation the student’s fundraising and awareness efforts will unite with the efforts of others into the building of a school in Uganda that will provide an education for approximately 325 students.
To support this cause and further education for children of Uganda, a fundraiser will be held in the lobby of Connell Student Center March 27-30 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. where you can purchase paper bricks for one dollar each.


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