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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Car stolen from Mercer Police parking lot, used in robbery

On Feb. 7, junior Carly Iannarino was in class taking a test when she received a phone call saying her car had been stolen and found. Iannarino was not aware her car had been stolen the previous night.
A Macon police officer found Iannarino’s green 1995 Honda Accord abandoned near Macon Mall after it was allegedly stolen Feb. 6. The car was parked in the Mercer Police parking lot, located near the Garden Apartments, where she parked it Monday, Feb. 5.
Iannarino said that according to Macon Police, her car was used to rob a house following the initial car theft.
“Apparently they broke into someone’s house and a woman was there that they didn’t expect so they drove off quickly, damaging the car further,” Iannarino said.
According to Iannarino, Macon Police found paperwork inside her abandoned car and contacted her parents. Iannarino later received a phone call informing her that her car that she thought was still parked on campus, had been stolen and found abandoned.
The vehicle was found totaled with the contents inside stolen. The car was damaged past repair with a broken window, a cracked windshield, a scratched front bumper, two flat tires, a detached steering wheel and ignition damage.
Iannarino left her vehicle in the parking lot with the doors locked and the spot was later found with nothing but shattered glass. She doubts that the police will be able to find the people who stole her car.
“I had no idea my car was stolen,” Iannarino said. “Mercer Police really nice and helped me get the information from the towing company and go through the process of calling my insurance company. They did everything they could have done and were very sympathetic.”
According to Mercer Police, this was the first car stolen on campus this year.


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