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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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The Dulcimer unveils new look at annual release party

The long-awaited literary
and arts magazine from
the Dulcimer was released
last Thursday, April 11. The
Dulcimer hosted an annual
release party to celebrate and
bring together art and literature
The event was held downtown
at the 567.
To start off the evening at
the release party, there was
a photo booth with hats,
scarves, and fake mustaches
to dress up. Guests at the party
were encouraged to participate
in readings of their
favorite piece of literature.
The readings could be something
from a novel, poem, or
an original piece.
Among some of the speakers
during the readings were
Joshua Whitfi eld, Jennifer
Champagne, Dana Nicolazzi
and professor Gordon Johnston.
Gordon Johnston is an English
professor at Mercer University
and after his poem
reading Johnston said, “This
is the best Dulcimer that I’ve
seen yet.”
Michelle Meredith, editor in
chief of the Dulcimer along
with Jennifer Champagne,
the layout and design editor,
changed a big part of the look
of the magazine.
“Michelle and I worked really
hard on the magazine.
We were going with a new
direction this year, and I
guess we were nervous about
the reception. It seems like
everyone really likes it,”
Champagne said.
The title of the magazine,
Intersection, comes from
the Dulcimer’s aim to interweave
the art and literature
Between 30 to 40 people
in total arrived to the Dulcimer
release party. Of those
who arrived, the adviser for
the Dulcimer Mercer professor,
Craig Coleman, was also
there to celebrate.
“I think it (the release party)
went very well. There
were a great number of
people here. In fact, I think
all of the tables were being
used. Everyone seemed to
enjoy the event very much,”
Coleman said.
Dulcimer staff were excited
to see the Dulcimer magazine
be distributed all over
campus throughout the day
on Bear Day. Over 100 copies
were distributed and still
more were given out during
the release party.
“I’m just really happy that
everyone came out and enjoyed
it and had fun. It was
a nice way to wrap up Bear
Day. Kind of a nice event to
go to at night and just hang
out, relax and appreciate all
the art submissions by all the
students,” Champagne said.
The Dulcimer release party
was one among several other
events that the Dulcimer
hosted throughout the past
The Dulcimer held a “Poetry
in the Park” event along
with providing refreshments
during poetry readings by
professor Judson Mitcham
back in February.
In an announcement Meredith
made during the party,
this year’s Dulcimer magazine,
was dedicated to the
Dean of Liberal Arts and
English professor, Richard
Fallis and to the late author
of “The Whisper of the River,”
Ferrol Sams.

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