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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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Teddy bears, flaming pants: celebrities going crazy


Celebrities. Where to start? It seems that within the last year or so, they’ve gotten a little more “cray cray” than usual.

Paula Deen. Oh, sweet Paula Deen. Or should I say “oh, deep-fried cheesecake?” The last few months have not been good to Paula Deen. The lawsuits against her for supposed racial slurs brought her toppling down from the top of the Food Network. The Food Network decided not to renew Deen’s show and has even pulled old episodes off of the air in the last month or so.

On the bright side for Deen, though, the lawsuits have recently been thrown out, all accusations have been dropped, and she is claimed innocent.

Miley Cyrus is all over the gossip news lately as well. Her way of changing her image was to scar her entire fan base of young girls and pre-teens with her new single. The song is called “We Can’t Stop.” It’s irritatingly catchy and gets stuck in everyone’s heads. That is, until you watch the music video.

It’s basically a very bad mash-up of all the things Miley thinks is cool. For example, dancing with giant teddy bears strapped to her back, wearing fake grills in her mouth, and making out with a barbie doll version of herself.

Instead of trying to develop a more mature image of herself, growing away from Disney and Hannah Montana, she acts outrageously.

Amanda Bynes is another crazy celebrity who is certainly taking a dive into the deep end. A little over a month ago, Bynes accidentally set her pants aflame while making fire in a driveway with a gas can. She was taken to the hospital for an involuntary health evaluation.

What happened to the Amanda Bynes we knew when she was on the Amanda Show? “Bring out the dancing lobsters!” At least then she was funny in her own strange way. Now she is just strange.

Reese Witherspoon enjoys drunkenly yelling at policemen as a new hobby. Witherspoon was out drinking with her husband and he tried to drive home while still intoxicated. Police pulled them over and Witherspoon started yelling at them, causing all kinds of unnecessary drama.  She claimed that she only panicked when police started arresting her husband. Witherspoon also claimed she was pregnant while the police were arresting her.

Instead of realizing her mistake and admitting she acted ridiculous, Witherspoon later just joked about it on national TV. Obviously, everyone has been arrested for  disorderly conduct while yelling at a policeman. Not to mention she also spent that night in jail. Way to go Reese Witherspoon. Way to go.

For more celebrity craziness, just remember to keep an eye open. They’re celebrities! They’re bound to pull an extremely crazy publicity stunt at some point.

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